You are not retarded – or are you?


All you dumb fucks chasing dreams, read this.

I’ve employed probably close to 50 people since 2015. All of them in the age range of 18-30, bisexuals, crossdressers, transgirls, blacks, whites, asians, Americans, Europeans. And I speak, and worked with the successful people of my industry, among them Sinner, Doxy, Peter Payne, Lewdlogic.

You bastards think you’re just gonna go through a school, and get immediately hired by a big company. You get massive student loans, to become stars of your field, only to end up as cashiers, truck drivers, and cleaning ladies. That’s your dream, the only success you can think of: being employed.

You read the crap I write, do you ever stop to think, how I can write and edit reviews, dialog, advertisements, day after day, with barely a single grammatical error (unless intended)? You don’t see spelling mistakes, but have you thought about what you don’t see? I cut off relationships, quit hobbies, didn’t have sex, didn’t go to schools (I studied at home). I’m good at my shit, because of sacrifices.

When you are an entrepreneur, you are free. You can choose your customers, you can choose your business partners. You can choose how you’re gonna conduct your business. You choose your game. You own your risks. Free people have no glass ceiling stopping them from advancing, to becoming as wildly successful as they can. This freedom comes at a price.

If you follow the social media of Doxy for example, who is one of the most financially successful hentai artists in the west, he has literally said publicly, to his 30 000 twitter followers, that he is emotionally detached, and doesn’t have many friends. Having worked for him, I can confirm, he works himself to death, and sure as hell doesn’t have time for parties.

Sinner, who all-inned his life’s savings on Bitcoin at $400-900 price range, now has more money than you faggots will ever have – Bitcoin is $4300 as of time of writing. If you had put even $10000 worth of your savings at $1000 BTC price, you would have $43000 right now. From his entire professional career, how much money do you think he saved? And it’s not like Sinner has stopped making money. As his advertiser, I know how much his Patreon, print sales, and his advertising generate income. Respecting confidentiality, I can’t show you numbers, but you can imagine he makes more than two middle-class full-time employed people. He also does the work of 3-5 people, alone. Do I need to point out how much sacrifice that is?

Peter Payne complained to me on Skype once, he doesn’t have time to fuck his wife. He recently visited North-America, on lots of animecons. When he came back to Japan, he described the trip “I was the god of onaholes”. JLIST hid the adult goods in a closed tent, in the middle of the cons! The customers just lined up to buy buckets of pussy.

These are industry people you know closer, so I’m leaving them as examples.

Interacting with massively successful people, doesn’t make me anything special. But that’s the thing; I’m a lonely porn-addicted serial masturbator. Yet my business is up and running, making money. I have staff, multiple websites, I sacrifice everything to learn this, to build this, stealing ideas from people above me, emulating what they do.

I covered this months ago. If you take a student loan, to study for your dream job, in some fancy-ass university, you are fucking retarded. Your chances of attaining your dream, are a total gamble. You have no idea of the risks, because you’re not fucking thinking ahead. With a student loan sapping ~$300.00 of your money every month, with living expenses and taxes, you cannot take financial risks. You are never starting a business. You have to luck out, you have to get hired by a big-ass company. You have to play your cards perfectly, avoid all accidents and mistakes, for easily 20 years. Your educational facility can pander to your special emotional needs, the issuer of the loan will not.

I employed so many young people with crushed dreams. You are all so fucking stupid, you fucked your futures. You took that loan, you chose the school, you chose a bad career, you took the risks, and the risks materialized. What now? Now you work retail until you die.

What pisses me off about you, is your total lack of trust in yourselves. Do you think your gene pool is so degenerate, that your learning abilities are dysfunctional? Do you not understand, that your brain learns simply from repetition of the same tasks? You just repeat a task for a set number of hours each day, you will eventually perfect it. That’s how videogames work; you die and respawn, until you’re so good, you survive to the next level.

Learning is about repetition, repetition, repetition. Eventually your skills are so sharp, they can make you money. That’s all! You don’t need a school, or an employer telling you what to do, to get professional at something. Just sit your ass down. And when you’re good at one part of the work, you notice the contrast in quality, in other areas. If you’re an artist, good with linework, you might suck at coloring. If you want to be a competent artist, how about you… start coloring? You practice weak areas, until the weakness turns into a strength. Don’t they teach you at school how your brain works?

All you socialists complaining about the cost of higher education: FUCK YOU. There’s an infinite number of free books you can read online. Just read them. That’s what successful corporate CEOs do too; they read books. The hell you need school for? To tell you which books to read? To turn the pages for you? If you’re that fuck-brained, do you think any big company is gonna hire you when you graduate? Fuck off.

If you want to build a dream, it happens brick by brick. Your own blood is the glue that makes the house of cards stand.


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