Sex lubricant review: Bukkake Lotion


ukkake is Japanese for cum storm porn. The bitch, or bitch boy sits at the stage, while hordes of men unload their balls in his or her face. The bukkake lotion, is cum-like explosion lotion for genital self-destruction.

Konnichiwa. I am Otaku Apologist, I review it, so you don’t have to! What? The Bukkake lotion is an item I was eyeing at JLIST for months before committing. I was afraid that buying a bottle of cum, to rub on my hairy white male cock, would be appropriation of homosexuality, that I would upset the progressive left. I already knew I’m crazy about seminal fluids, and the Bukkake Lotion only sealed the fate of my eternal soul.

Asagi Igawa never catches a break from getting raped and creampied, making her slut ass my top three plastic waifu. The only lube she needs, is cum. She fockin’ loooves the Bukkake Lotion, like she loves Jesus. Hallelujah Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost! Amen to rape!

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