Otaku Apologist blog entry 24.12.2016: Oppai Mousepads

JLIST recently launched mousepad.moe website showing their premium hand-crafted oppai mousepads.

From the website:

“The city of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture is a town of artisans and craftsmen. That’s where our mousepads are created. Each one is handmade by pulling the beautifully printed cloth over the painstakingly manufactured silicone pieces. Each mousepad is rigourlously inspected to ensuring the feel of every unit is perfect before we send it to you. The end result is a feel that you can only get from one of our life-size mousepads.”

You may have seen this Super Sonico mousepad this year in JLIST’s social media. The item sold out, and is no longer available. The orders are always limited quantity, and massively popular with customers.

The mousepads are unique in the world. Each design is of a popular anime character whose IP is owned by the companies that JLIST has great relations with. You may notice an abundance of Nitro+ characters, Super Pochaco, Muramasa Sansei, and Super Sonico, characters you have seen in games they have brought to the English market, like Sonicomi.

More text from the site:

“We’ve unlocked a new level of realism and enjoyment. Each mousepad is carefully engineer to recreate the human form, allowing you to enjoy a shapely ass all the way to the lowerback, or supple breasts with realistic physics. Crafted with the highest quality silicon.”

Mousepad.moe, is the new battleship of the fight. We are making hentai great again with blood, cum, and hellfire. If you are reading this message, you are the resistance.

Don’t sit by and let great mousepads be stolen from you. TAKE ACTION!!!