Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 25.10.2016 — The Ultimate Waifu

After thousands of years of technological and cultural evolution, this is how far humanity has come, on our journey from the swamp to the stars.

I always thought that I, the Otaku Apologist, am the grandmaster of cringy marketing. There is no low I have not sunk to, to make a dollar, no fetish I have not promoted, no religion I have not offended, no social taboo I have not bashed. In the name of waifu rape culture, I will maim my way to riches riding the backs of sex slave virgin femboys. Because I study people for a living, I am the 1%, I am more cogniscient of human bullshit than 99% of humans.

Anybody that believes in something, or likes something, or has a “strong” identity, is someone I can and will demolish when I get pissed off. Because most people, need to believe in something, to sustain the frail emotional structures of their minds. Most people cannot deal with reality as is.

Nutaku launched this trailer, to advertise an upcoming game event. The event is for one of Nutaku’s most popular games, PeroPero Seduction.