Suomen Posti On Vitun Mafia

25th Oct. 2016 — What I thought was a letter from the customs, was in actuality a proclamation of war. I receive free shilling equipment from the most black-hearted for-profit corporations in the hentai industry, sextoys and games and an occasional bribe to buy my silence. My newest shipment of toys, was supposed to arrive at my new address. Instead, they plotted to send it to my old address.

Suomen Posti essentially sent me an extortion letter. Despite my shit being free, I have to pay a 24% toll. The percent value is based on Finland’s value-added tax. What makes this arrangement corrupt beyond comprehension, is that I also must pay extra for changing my address in the post office. Finland is a sinking ship, our economy is in tatters, Juha Sipilä’s dictatorial rightwing government is skinning the working class alive, pissing on his mangled bleeding carcass in its death throes.


This is what’s coming: My newest batch of bribes from Papa Payne of JLIST, the new JLIST Adult Box November Edition. Packed to the brim with goods including two pornographic DVDs, a bottle of lotion, a tenga egg, an oppai-keychain, and as cherry on top, an exclusive Re:Zero Rem onahole.

I actually gotta do the math after I got the items in hand whether their sales value makes this box worth to the customer. If the Rem onahole is tight, and the lotion kicks ass, shit should be pimp.