22.10.2017 — Sexuality of humanity is disgusting pig faggotry


Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting perverted jew that hates the white race. During his career, he molested countless women in Hollywood, abusing his money and power, just to get his dick wet. I can empathize with this fag.

For people outside of the hentai industry, this is probably shocking. But anybody that actually studies human sexuality, like I do for my living, decades-long molestation allegations are just a day in the life.

Of course somebody as ugly and decadent as Weinstein would use the means at his disposal to have sex with child actresses. Guy was most probably molested by somebody else in his life, or abused at public school, which made him into a suicidal bitch faggot, driven to medicate his crushed self-esteem with the acquisition of money, status, and power. But money doesn’t erase the fact that you’re a low self-esteem shitter, it just makes you a rich shitter.

Much of human sexuality derives from our past. Your deepest, darkest desires tell the most about you. When I have the power, I’m building my own secret sex dungeons for abducted suicidal transsexuals, to abuse them in peace and quiet on my off-time, until they die. Why didn’t Weinstein do that, why not build a secret sex dungeon? Why wouldn’t he just rent hookers with his money? You can get quality escorts starting at 200€ an hour. Why molest Reese Witherspoon, when you could’ve just as well paid a bitch to cosplay as her?

All these corrupt elite pedophile rings are going to die. They’re gonna be replaced by the next pedophile rings. On, and on the eons pass.

22.10.2017 — Sinner opens up about his past

Sinner is finally opening up. I’ve been waiting for this to happen, for a long time.

The screenshot is from the comment section of his new “Life is Strange” comic. He talks about all kinds of crazy shit, like BDSM parties, drinking, and drugs. He says some of his friends lost themselves to drug abuse. I imagine there’s other, worse fates.

I feel it’s now safe to talk a bit about this. When we did our first advertising deals together, it was terrifying. We were always fighting over everything. I was starting to get depressed, which really hurt the advertising effort. I eventually snapped, and we spent the next month just fighting. He blocked me after a while. I thought that was the last I’d ever hear from him.

I spent the last summer thinking about what had happened. I meditated on our interactions. Sinner never told me much personal stuff, but I deciphered his life’s story from his emotions. I knew there was serious shit happening to people around him, even when he didn’t tell me any details.

When Sinner contacted me two months back, I wasn’t surprised. I was waiting. I felt that there were only two options, for someone that had suffered so much: a full commitment to life, or death. Somebody that can overcome so much darkness, is someone I can trust.

I went through some similar things growing up (no BDSM sex parties though). I knew from those experiences, that this choice was coming for him. I’m happy that he chose to live.

21.10.2017 — Beta Male Squirrel Escapes Women Into A Fucking Tree

I took this photo of a squirrel during the summer. Summer in Finland tends to be short, cold, and rainy. And then autumn is more cold, and rain. Everything that’s wonderful about my home country derives from this offset: it’s so fucking unlivable here, that nobody wants to have sex, so we’re never over populated, and no dirty muslims want to come here. And when they do, they get so bored, why the fuck would they feel like committing mass murders?

I’m so fucking burnt out. Somehow, some way, we got the company running, and now I’m just fighting to reduce risks of anybody leaving, or any branch of the business dying. That’s always on my mind; I don’t want to lose any assets anymore. I’m too tired to get new ones.

I look at animals in a nearby park for stress relief. This squirrel was the highlight of a hot summer day.

20.10.2017 — Why I’m obsessed with advertising

In childhood, we’re punching bags to stupid people, we absorb their ideas, unable to critically assess them, or fight back. When we become adults, we supposedly get smarter, but we’re also animals that subconsciously associate new people with the evil people we met in our earlier life.

My youth was filled with rejection. I wasn’t just rejected by girls, but struggled to make any friends. When I finally did make friends, I lost a lot of them to depression. Eventually I had nobody left, save for my cousin, that kept telling me to change the course of my life. I wanted to become a novelist.

For me, online advertising is everything. I can tinker with advertising for hours. Because when I make sales, I feel accepted, and loved. And when product is not flying off the shelves, I get madly depressed. If two days go without sales, a violent rush of anger floods my veins, which is usually when I take it to twitter, to rage at leftist faggots whose politics I disagree with.

I need advertising. Because my stupid brain associates the selling of product, with being loved. I absolutely cannot let opportunities to make money ever go to waste. I die emotionally without that satisfaction. I have to connect with people, I have to craft good deals, I need my customers.

I keep telling everyone that’s a sad suicidal faggot, that you need to learn your triggers, and use them to your advantage. I tell my every freelancer that’s in a shitty life situation, to find what drives them. Because it doesn’t matter if the drive is hatred, revenge, perversion, or something else evil, so long as you are channeling your suicidal energy into productive work.

You cannot erase your past. You cannot erase your memories. You cannot erase your fucked up emotional needs. What you can do, is build your private business to work with your personality. You have to be self-aware, so you can craft your earning logic to generate the emotional rewards you perhaps felt deprived of as a child. This is the key to mental health: embrace that you’re you’re damaged, use creative problem solving, to craft yourself a job that works for you.

Mainstream companies only employ mentally healthy cuck people, who are easy to control, who pose no risks. If you’re damaged, you have to create your own job, because no company is going to hire your crazy fag ass. They’re not gonna indulge your mood swings, your drug use, or anything else that’s fucked up about you. And keeping that front of normalcy in front of people, will just worsen your anxieties.

The free market is the solution to your financal and emotional problems. Create a business that helps with your depression, that works with your ADHD, do work where you can express yourself. There is no glass ceiling when you’re self-employed. When your options are success, or suicide, you’re gonna obsess over your work, till you’re the absolute master of it.

Don’t go to therapy, and don’t do drugs. Start a business.

20.10.2017 — Pictures of my Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet!

DSCN2209 DSCN2212 DSCN2213

I ordered this beautiful Bitcoin hardware wallet a month ago. She travelled on UPS priority mail, and arrived in a small orange envelope. This little device will replace my Paypal, which currently saps ~5% of my earnings via transfer fees, and currency conversion fees.

During 2018, I plan to push all my regular freelancers into opening their own Bitcoin wallets, and start receiving their earnings exclusively in Bitcoins. If my finances keep improving, I may even sponsor them their own Trezor wallets, to encourage adoption.

Why does anybody need a hardware wallet? Why not just use Electrum  on PC, or Mycellium on mobile? Because, you dumb fuck, for long-term storage of large numbers of Bitcoins, you can’t store them in a wallet connected to the internet. Wallets connected to the internet are called “hot wallets”, which are only good for small-time convenient day-to-day use.

For long-term storage of large numbers of Bitcoins, you need a “cold wallet”. That means a wallet that’s disconnected from the internet. My Trezor encrypts the data on it, hides it under a password and several other layers of security. The device is only connected to my PC for brief periods of time. The data connection itself is encrypted. Nobody can realistically steal my coins.

I will talk more about the integration of Bitcoin into my hentai business, in future blog entries. Exciting times!! 🙂