25.6.2017 — “White Milf and Whore”, 3D hentai render

Today’s render features these two 3D hotties. We are working towards starting actual sexy image sets, and ultimately make 3D porn comics with Kia Azad. The comics will be put on sale at several online stores, including our own brand store. We’ll craft some nice sexually charged scenarios, and work from there. I still need to hire a background artist as well, so the ETA for our debut comic might realistically be like… Christmas.

We tried to rush into comics months ago, and our projects always fell apart. There’s a lot of learning curve to this, more than I anticipated. It’s been like that with everything I’ve gotten myself involved with; always something I don’t know, fucks everything up… competence is a scarce resource.

I’m pretty happy with this render, though the closer you get to perfection, the more the little imperfections start irking me. See if you can spot what’s pissing me off about this pic. Hint: look below the tits.

24.6.2017 — “Nier Autofellatio”, 2B gloryhole hentai manga, inking progress

Nier Automata Hentai - Page 5 WIP (Preview) Nier Automata Hentai - Page 6 Inking Complete Nier Automata Hentai - Page 7 WIP (Preview)

Deadphoenx delivered these inks today. He is mega busy with jury duty, but by virtue of the fucker’s respectable work ethic, he still delivers. If you recall the story, this one tells the epic tale of 2B smoking juicy pricks and puking the cock juice in a pot with her name on it. We all know where this is going… or do we?? I don’t actually know. I’ll probably just make her drink that jizz to the last drop, like a bitch. No reason to get overly creative.

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State of the western adult games industry is shit

The above video is made by some faggot not associated with my fine website.

As adult games are growing more popular as a medium, awareness of the problems holding us back, are also spreading to public consciousness. Government regulations on acceptable erotic content that can be monetized, restricts the shit out of porn games. Moralism is a cancer that peeks from under every rock, like a gang of serial killers that chop up bodies and serve them in little tiny pieces in the kebab store. Moralism stifles the free market to death. Supply and demand are not meeting, just like your self-hating virgin emofaggot dick is not meeting pussy, ending the journey of your genes since a billion years ago, because you cannot get laid to any of these goddamned prude feminazi bitches. No money, no honey, no millionaire porn game developers ever. SAD!!

I think back with regret, about how little I knew of the troubles plaguing porn game developers. When I started, I just wanted to make money off of this shit. Now I know, that everything is fucked by the Illuminati. We are conditioned to think porn games as something dirty, that you play for maybe ten minutes while jacking off, and throw away the tissue. That’s how adult gaming is generally treated, as trash. We never consider why we don’t have highly realistic 3D porn games animated to the finest detail, rivalling mainstream AAA releases in production quality. Lack of quality is the first symptom of shitty monetization, because you can’t fucking sell loli rape games anywhere without facing prosecution.

It’s a given that porn games are bad, because porn is trash in our minds, undeserving to be enjoyed with dignity, let alone have fanbases around the creators of this disgusting material. It’s absurd, right? We should be jacking off with sand paper, in a darkest corner in a room alone, never heard or seen, never speaking of this illicit activity, just like we shouldn’t discuss real issues like prostate cancer, because it’s shameful. And then fag boys die with lumps in their testicles, never getting a good lipwork up their peckers. The only daddy dick you’re gonna suck is the fat one in heaven.

The culture of shame is a means of top-down control. The system imposes the shame on us via the morally bankrupt mainstream media, which the elites control, thus shackling our minds, and our genitals. It’s not a conspriracy theory without grounds, faggot. It is a stone cold fact, that the globalist elites relish in perversions, abducting, raping, killing children in satanic ritual orgies. Nobilities across the world, like the Belgium nobility, have engaged in nihilistic BDSM pedophilia. Rape and torture, everything is possible when you rock buckets of fucking money. But such fun is reserved only for the Bill Gateses and Marc Zuckerbergs, because fuck you.

Fuck the Illuminati. Fuck the porn games industry. Fuck this video that explains in vague detail how everything is fucked.