23.9.2017 — Slutty marketing bitch slurps cock on cam

I’m watching marketing videos. I’ve gotten so goddamn rusty with sales, from all the management bullshit I’ve been doing in the biz. And it’s not like I have a fucking education for this to accompany my raw instinct.

I want to kill that bitch. Snap her neck, rip her spine out of her body and whip her bleeding headless carcass with the spinal cord. Her lips move, and they ain’t saying “yes” to my cock. Fucking bitch.

23.9.2017 — You are depressed as fuck because you suck

Yeah. It took me three years to get here, to be making minimum wage worth of monthly cash on hentai. Had I done fewer mistakes, it would not have taken so long. There was a learning curve to scale. And a life-long depression to overcome.

Here we are then. I’m an adult, 29 years old, running my own little online company. I still don’t have my own appartment, still don’t have a girlfriend, no IRL friends, I’m getting fat, my mother remains unemployed. A lot of fags in my position would be depressed to the point of suicide. I’m not.

What modern snowflakes don’t get, is that depression is not a mental illness. It’s not like HIV or herpes that’s incurable. It’s something you grow out of, as you learn to think. Negative thoughts cause depression. You can’t medicate away memories. You can’t rid your flesh of the lessons of life that have been carved into it. You can’t undo bad decisions.

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23.9.2017 — Overwatch Hentai – Futa Sombra fucks Mei

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Uzonegro completed his Overwatch porn commission! He took three extra days than we agreed, but it’s fine. We get more hentai, the business runs.

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Bitcoin to exorcise the satanic Rothschild banking cartel?

Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution – Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference

The central banking industry is the heart of darkness. The politicians are funding their endless wars with unlimited money from the banks. The money we currently use in our day-to-day lives is called “fiat currency”, which is money that’s backed up by nothing. Coins and bills have had no intrinsic value, after the abolition of the gold standard. Currently money can be created by simply typing digits on a keyboard; most money in circulation is digital. This limitless power to create money has been seized by private central banks, which are a global monopoly owned by one family: the Rothschilds.

Wars are enabled by the banks, who fund them. Without the ability to create money, the costs of war would prohibit governments from engaging in it. Banks profit from war, because money is created when they issue debt. When anyone pays interest on their loans, new money is created. Wars incur massive sovereign debt, massive profits for the banks.

We are in a race against time, as the entire world economy threatens to collapse under mounting debt. It’s not capitalism that’s to blame for the miseries on Earth: all misery on Earth, is a business model, of the bankers. Bitcoin can stop it.