Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 30.8.2016 – fuck tumblr

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Tumblr is hypocritical. They built a service from the ground up to enable massive scale copyright infringement, and profit from it. Reblogging and reposting is made so fucking easy, nobody can realistically police copyright. And it’s not just their copyright rules that make no sense, either as they are phrased conveniently vaguely. The consequence of vague rules is that different moderators will enforce them differently. Where one mod looks at an offense and emails you a notification, another will destroy you for the fucks of it. Selective random enforcement of the rules is tumblr’s forte. People with larger followings than myself have experienced the same bullshit; Doxy was banned in 2015, and Shädman too. In Doxy’s case, he was targeted by tumblr’s domestic social justice crowd. I was targeted by Nintendo of America.

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If copyright rules were actually enforced by tumblr’s staff, and companies actually gave a fuck, tumblr would be flooded with lawsuits and they would go bankrupt in a snap. The entire point of tumblr is the sharing of media, it’s the social standard of the internet companies are slowly adating to. There are monetization models that work, even in the digital era; merchandising and advertising in the form affiliate marketing are absolutely viable options. All you need is a following, and enough banked brand equity, and your sheep will hop over the fence at an excuse to vomit money at you.

When it comes to copyright rules, the user base doesn’t care, tumblr staff don’t really care, the bloggers don’t care, advertisers don’t care, creators get a teeny bit of exposure, money switches hands and everybody is happy! The only one that should be worried, is tumblr, as they have been bleeding money for their owner Yahoo like the entirety of their relationship of ownership. When it comes to monetization, it turns out, tumblr’s communist leadership is fucking terrible at formulating functional business models.

In their terms of service, tumblr prohibits for example, the uploading of porn videos. Some of the most popular porn blogs, host videos. Ahegao-hentai has 130k+ followers. If anybody were to rat on them, the blog would go up in flames.

Screenshot (1794)

I might take this blog down myself. At this point, having lost my 20000 followers in the ban, and with it, my livelihood, I fucking relish the idea of abetting the eventual mass exodus of tumblr’s hentai fapper base. Tumblr is fucking garbage and deserves to die in cum, blood and hellfire.

The general rule of thumb as a tumblr blogger is DO NOT ASK THE MODS A FUCKING QUESTION. DO NOT FUCKING ASK FOR HELP. So far, I have been banned two times, for simply asking them for advice, how to abide by their rules. Oh, and when you are banned, remember to ask them to restore your account…Screenshot (1721)

… but do not dare ask them “why” they banned you. Four hours later…

Screenshot (1726)… another mod overturned the ruling! WOW! And he didn’t ban just my main blog, he looked up my IP address and IP NUKED 6 blogs I had created with 6 different email addresses!

Since 2014 Autumn, I have been a proficient hentai blogger. I spent my every waking hour on it, that I learned how to grow fucking fast, what content people like, what the meme meta is, the ropes of profitable advertising. If I had the traffic back, I would be fucking minimum wage at last, because I have the entire fucking model down. I am perhaps the sole practioner of my craft, the art of spamming porn and memes so fucking hard people bleed the fucking money out of their orifices like I’m a Los Angeles cop and they’re the niggas.

This new wordpress blog should be less suspectible to retarded bullshit. It may or may not gain a following, but just like with my tumblr, I will work day and night my hardest to make it popular, AND find the formula for how to make it churn out the cash like the Federal Reserve Fucking Bank.

Enjoy otakuapologist.xyz. Stay shit and buy pussy cups, you worthless fucks.

-Otaku Apologist