Onahole review: Campus Life Tidy Type

campus life tidy type hentai onahole pussy

Written by Aliasforareason

Hi! I’m “Aliasforareason”. This is my first review of an onahole. I’ve been emailing back and forth with Otaku Apologist about onaholes since early 2017. I saw an ad for hentai-onahole.moe at Sinnercomics.com. I didn’t know anything about onaholes before that. I’ve bought several toys now from the shop, although Campus Life Tidy Type I bought from a local shop the Apologist is sadly not affiliated with. The toy was delivered to me in a matter of days, in a brown cartboard box. So discreet!

The product I am going to review, was made by the premium Japanese adult toy company, ToysHeart. She’s called Campus Life Tidy Type. Yes, there are more “types” in this series of onaholes.

Note: My purple warrior of love is average size, not circumsized.

campus life tidy type hentai onahole pussy package

The package of the toy is grazed by a nice, proper looking girl. Her arms are folded on each other. She’s looking at you with a gentle smile, and looks perhaps a bit shy. Her amber eyes gaze at your penis with nothing but kindness. Most onahole boxes I’ve seen feature a highly sexualized woman, a downright slutty stereotype. That’s not the case here. This girl just wants you to take it slow, and relax.

Campus Life Tidy Type comes with a sample of lube, good for two rides.


The product is made from ToysHeart’s patented “fresh skin” material, which makes it very smooth, and have little odor. It’s easy to clean, and is very fast to dry.

Outside, she looks like the standard onahole. She feels nice in the hand; not too light, not too heavy. The toy has two protruding lips that simulate pussy lips, although that doesn’t really look like it. The entrance is tight, only a few millimeters. This makes the lovely lube juice have no way to realistically escape. The downside is that the hard-to-enter entrance may tear after a few uses, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work anymore. It actually becomes easier to penetrate then, but that may have an impact on the toy’s lifespan.


Campus Life Tidy Type seems to be desgined for relaxing, long sessions. My longest masturbation sessions with it have lasted up to 25 minutes. The internal structure comprises of ribs, and soft nubs, placed diagonally in rings. The feeling on my penis has been heavenly, like a virginal succubus hungrily slurping on my dick cheese. I honestly can’t get enough of it. This onahole won’t last long on me, I can already foresee. I will run her down, until she’s nothing but a shredded, malformed piece of rubber.

campus life tidy type hentai onahole rubber pussy

Cleaning is easy, with just one kink: reaching the deepest part with a cloth can be hard, because she is very tight, and the tunnel’s length is just 140 millimeters. Other than that, all you gotta do to clean her, is place her under a tap, and run water through. I’ve used soap on this, which is not possible on many onahole materials. Clean her with a microfiber cloth, and just leave it to rest in open air for about 10 minutes. Then store her in a drawer for your next session.

Buy Campus Life Tidy Type, at hentai-onahole.moe.

Pleasure 6 – Packaging 7 – Material 9 – Cleaning 9



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