Multitasking tip: Skype trick

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Running your own business, you’ll notice that multitasking quickly tires you out. The more clicking, chatting, writing, waiting, etc., the faster you spend your creative energy.

The more complicated your business processes, the less energy you’ll have left for creative problem solving. Business, and life always have problems, things you need to react to.

In order to make your business more fun, you need to find angles to make things more simple.

This trick relates to Skype. Most of my business contacts are on Skype, so I’m spending lots of time using its interface.

With so many freelancers contributing content for me every week, I have to keep up with payments. Some freelancers want to be paid in advance, others are okay with waiting. Jberserk wants upfront payment, while Kia Azad is okay with waiting several months even. Milkmaster is paid after his articles are published. Some guys accept payments in Bitcoin, others only take Paypal. There’s a lot to keep up with.

I have a ledger in Google sheets. The ledger lists my debts. The link to this ledger, is in my Skype, in a special tab. I created it by clicking “create new group” from the “contacts” tab in navigation. I am the sole participant in the group. The group also lists Bitcoin addresses of my freelancers, links to projects in Google drive. I named the group “business stuff”. Whenever I need to access it, I type into the search “bu”… I don’t need to write more, the only name that comes up is “business stuff”.

It’s much easier to multitask, when everything I need is available with just a few clicks. Simple innovations like this reduce the execution time, and mental strain, of running processes in your business. Have fun!


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