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I started blogging in 2014, removing censorship bleeps from hentai manga and pictures. I posted the pages on tumblr. I started this blog after my tragic tumblr ban in Summer 2016.

Since 2017, I have been working to produce original hentai fap material. You can help me keep this blog updated with fresh new hentai goodies. Just visit my store, make a purchase, and the hentai will flow! ^.^


Original stuff

Nier Autofellatio – 2B at a gloryhole (textless edition)

Kuroneko Gets Anal Fucked In Cat Keyhole Bra & Panty Set

Knee-deep in Pochaco

Knee-deep in Pochaco: Futa edition!


Western hentai stuff

Futa x Beta Girl Porn Manga part 1, by Cyberunique

Futa x Beta Girl Porn Manga part 2, by Cyberunique

Cup of Love: Dark Roast; futa bdsm manga by Dsan

Mya and Janet; futa x milf hentai manga by Dsan

Cup of Love: Refill; futa x milf hentai manga by Dsan

Illusive Man’s Revenge, by Akabur

Doxy’s Flurty – Yuri Hentai Comic

Ethics 101 – yuri + futa threesome

“My Debut”: lewd gangbang orgy porn comic, by Incase

Hella trap, by Incase

“Talking Dirty”; lewd trap bondage comic, by Incase

“Xenobiology”; super hot alien sex comic, by Incase

“Star Heat”; sassy black girl sex porn comic, by Dsan

“Randy Cheeks”; dominant girl fucks beta male, by Nerdsplurter

“La New Girl”; tentacle hentai comic, by Bellend

Whakfuta Academy, by Megasweet

“Threadless”; Kill La Kill porn parody comic, by Doxy

“Dirty Trix”; MLP porn parody comic, by Doxy

“Cup of love: Date Night”, futa hentai manga by Dsan

“Melting”; hardcore futa hentai porn comic, by Incase


Uncensored Japanese stuff

Generic Uncensored Hentai Manga With A Creampie

Fella Pure

Madam Yoko’s Tea Salon

Reward For Part-Time Work

Kamihime Yuugi – Hestia creampie gangbanged

Trap Seduces His Sister’s Boyfriend

Office Lady Fucked In The Toilet

Tranny Teacher Fucks Herself

Twin Trap Prostitutes SUPER HOT PENIS

Sailor Moon Venus Hotel

Ayanami Rei Does Porn

Great Manager Chicaco – milf femdom footjob

Cat-Eared Oneesan’s Breasts Repayment

Cum Disappears In Haruhi Suzumiya’s Pussy

NekoPara – Catgirl Paradise

Stretta Chapter 1 – cum eating cuckolding girlfriends

Stretta Chapter 2

Stretta Chapter 3

Stretta Chapter 5

Stretta Chapter 6

Stretta Chapter 7

Big Sister Dominates Brother

Ayanami Rei in Plugsuit Fuck

Sumizome – trap prostitute of old Japan fucked