JLIST: Meiko Shiraki Oppai Mousepad Pre-orders CLOSING SOON!!

Material: 2way Tricot
Length: 48cm (18.9in)
Width: 38cm (15in)
Depth: 11cm (4.3in)

JLIST launched a new dank website in 2017: Mousepad.moe. The site is dedicated exclusively for news, and information about their new line of limited-run oppai mousepads. Basically, these are ergonomic mousepads where the wrist support is shaped into a pair of boobs.

This is a preorder item scheduled for release in October 2017. The preorders end September 18.

These items are always, ALWAYS super small limited-run items. Unless masses of customers specifically request it, there will never be a second production run. I personally bought a cheap Chinese Super Sonico oppai mousepad in 2013, which stank like death for months without end. These mousepads are not low-quality crap made in a Communist cesspit. They are hand-crafted from the finest materials. The image printed on the mousepad, is two-way tricot – if you’ve ever shopped for dakimakuras, you know this fabric is always the most expensive option, because it’s super high-quality.

From JLIST’s website:

“In this world, there are oppai mousepads for “casuals” and then there are the full sized oppai mousepads made by Softgarage, the amazing company in Shizuoka Prefecture who has developed the most realistic live-sized oppai mousepads ever. High quality materials are put together in a workshop in Japan by highly skilled workers. The feel of the silicon’s softness and the fabric’s smoothness come together to create a unique product that’s exquisitely pleasant.

This mousepad is of Meiko Shiraki from the popular ecchi anime Prison School. She is the Vice-President of the Underground Student Council. You’ll love using the mousepad, and touching her soft I-Cup large breasts.”

Pre-order your Meiko Shiraki Oppai Mousepad for 10% off!!

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