iStripper – desktop stripper app review

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What is iStripper? It’s a virtual stripper on your PC desktop. When you’re growing bored working on your computer, you can turn on the app for easy eye candy. If your working station is single-screen, such as a laptop, this app is better than booting up a porn video. The stripper has a transparent background, and she displays in front of your other PC applications. You can control her size from the application’s control panel, and place her on your desktop at a spot, where she’s distracting you the least. And when you wanna steal a break for a fap? Just click her to enlarge.

The great advantage of iStripper compared to playing porn in the desktop background, is that you don’t have to hop from viewing the porn, back to Microsoft Word, miss the action while researching in the internet, etc.
The action ramps up slowly, and there’s never too much happening on screen. Unless you scale up the number of girls from the settings…

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The girl, or girls, stay on the forefront of your desktop, in the corner you’ve tucked them. Yes, she might take a walk across the screen to air-dry her moist pussy lips, but you can just grab her with your mouse, and drag her back.

The best aspect of iStripper is the control. The settings page offers many options that let you customize the experience. You can toggle audio on and off. You can scale the girl’s size on screen. You can decide the display length of the clips, nudity level, and more. The information displayed is clear, everything is easily accessible. You won’t get confused while browsing.

You can let your playlist be a randomized combination of free previews, and the full-length clips you’ve bought. Unless you have a preset playlist playing, the app has a habit of downloading free previews. You can edit the playlist on the fly, but you can also create customized playlists. One issue; you have to save the customized playlists on your computer, and upload that list back into the app. That’s not the most technically smooth solution.


In-app advertising

The app will habitually download short previews of girls without your consent. Damn them! And thus, a sexy girl you’ve never seen before, may randomly start undressing on your desktop. If you’re holding a stack of credits, you’ll be instantly buying some of these babes. You won’t even think before the credits are spent. Once you buy a girl’s full nudity show, you own the clip. Play it as many times as you want.


Issues with audio

Some clips have issues with the audio. I’ve heard, on occasion, distracting background buzzing, and nasty cracking when the girls moan too loudly. Gladly, it’s easy to disable the sound on a glitching clip, and simply enjoy the visuals. After a month of using this app daily, I’ve encountered no problems with the actual videoplayer.


Video quality

The clips have quality settings. You can watch them at 720p, 1080p, or 3K. Even at 720p, the video is so smooth, it’s like the girl is actually there fapping her clit in your computer. Yeah, baby…

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My hurdles with payment processing

I had some issues with their payment system. But first, before we get into talking about the problems, let’s first mention that there are plenty of great payment options for customers. You can pay with Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Debit, and mail. I personally paid with a Visa Mastercard, opting to buy 250 credits for 29.99€. With 250 credits, I got 10 full clips of ass.

But, it had been a long time since my last online purchase. I had forgotten a couple digits of my credit card. When I entered the wrong credit card digits, the system forced me into the next payment processor automatically. I was forced into the next screen, then the next screen. The issue was, I just misplaced a couple of digits, so I would’ve liked to retry entering the code correctly, but the buttons for the better payment processors became unclickable. I made other mistakes with the other processors. To make this tragic story even sadder, I tried a second credit card, typed in its information perfectly, and still failed. I had to call my bank, where the customer service guy informed me my card wasn’t yet activated for online purchases.

I got my card’s limits lifted by the bank representative, logged back into iStripper, and several payment processors were still offline! I had to re-install the application, then successfully entered the correct payment information, and only then was I able to buy my iStripper credits.

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The store

The iStripper store has years worth of clips, all the way back from 2010. You can tell this company is doing well, just looking at the quality of their models. They got super model level beautiful girls. The shows they put on, are kinda softcore, as the girls mostly masturbate with their hands, lick pussy, or stuff dildos into each other. If your pecker only gets hard for interracial zombie loli guro, iStripper may not get your seminal fluids flowing.

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The store has single girl clips, and one-on-one lesbian clips. Each “product” is between 33 and 40 minutes, reviewed by the app’s community. You can filter the “products” based on hair color, skin color, clothing, release date, etc. With the previews, the detailed sales pitch, and the reviews, it’s fairly easy to buy good clips. You can really see the models before committing.

You can download the app for free, and simply enjoy the short and sexy previews. If you see a girl you like, each 40-minute clip costs about $3.00.



When you buy a clip, you also get a stack of photos of the girl(s), and short videos of them stripping and masturbating, between 2-5 minutes of length. As if your hard-drive isn’t a treasure trove of porn already…

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My experience with iStripper has been great. I’ve enjoyed the app as a gentle distraction while working, but also masturbated to it, sometimes five times a day. I recommend iStripper to you big time.

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