Onahole review: I Love Oniichan Special Onahole


Review written by Freaky Eddie

Hello again, degenerates of the world! Freaky Eddie here, back with another onahole review! Today, we’ll be looking at the I Love Oniichan Special Onahole, a tight imouto parody that’s made by ToysHeart. Eagle-eyed readers will recognize them as the makers of the Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole. This hole, like the other, arrived in a plain, cardboard box and took about two and a half weeks to arrive.

Disclaimers out of the way, my penis is circumsized, and I bought this toy from JLIST with my own money.

The box for the I Love Oniichan Special Onahole is plain cute. The front cover displays a cute, noseless girl of indeterminate age crawling towards you. Her clothes are vanilla and innocent. There is, honestly, nothing outright sexual about the front of this box. The back gets slightly more lewd, the same girl being featured in some sort of sleeping gown or summer dress. Her arms reach upwards towards you, inviting you to pick her up and use her. The character they chose to represent their brand gives off the vibe of the perfect, nonsexual girl. The inner structure is displayed predominantly on the back, and shows the variety of textures they’ve placed inside. The name of the toy, “I Love Oniichan,” is relatively accurate. This bitch loves big brother.

The implications behind the toy’s name are accurate. This “little sister” who loves you, who wants you to stick your dick in her? She’s just as tight as a real virginal little sister. Points for the symbolic meaning behind the name The package is plain cardboard and had a plastic wrap around it. Nothing about this hole smells odd, nor were there any problems. This box arrived in mint condition.


The material for the I Love Oniichan Special Onahole is soft and pliable. Enjoyable both inside and out, this hole is less “sticky” than the Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex Onahole. Made from the same “Virgin Skin” as the other, there’s some subtle difference in the material that makes it slightly smoother to the touch, possibly something to do with how porous the material is. This onahole doesn’t suck up lint and dust like a magnet, so it’s a definite improvement from the last hole. The front lips and minor pelvic accent are done nicely, and show no seams or creases where the mold was filled. The back of the hole, where the tip of your penis hits the end, is slightly rough around the edge. There’s nothing wrong with the material, simply the edge between the back of the hole and the side isn’t as smooth as the rest of the hole. There is no silicone smell accompanying the package, which means your degenerate mind can easily imagine it’s the real thing without your immersion breaking.

After several uses only minor cosmetic damage has begun to set in. The outermost layer of the silicone has worn away slightly. It’s still just as soft, there’s just a minor visual difference. The back of the hole, like the Nakadashi Maid Uterus Hole, has begun to deteriorate slightly. Where the tip of my penis strikes the back of the hole, minor cratering has occurred. This is expected damage, and I would anticipate this to become a problem right around the proper expiration date for onaholes. Built in Japan, there is no residue or other after-effects from use.

The toy comes with a small packet of lube, making it good for a ride straight out of the box.


The concept is “the tight younger sister you never got to fuck”. She’s tight from the entrance to the back wall. She’s so tight, she fights your cock when you plow her tunnel. It so feels like a little virgin vagina. I struggled to first push myself inside the thing. The entire time I was balls deep into this toy, she kept pushing me out, creating a lot of resistance. I really enjoy it. The pussy pushes back, imagine a real woman fighting to break intercourse. Her tight inner walls squeeze onto you, like fleshy pussy pincers.

It’s like fucking a watermelon that’s attached to a bungee cord. The walls are soft and tight, but every thrust into it is met with force. Definitely an enjoyable ride. Warm, wet, and tight, this onahole is a definite improvement to my masturbatory life. When I lubed the toy with Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion, it was like fucking a roll of silk. Frictionless, smooth, and incredibly tight, it was the shit. However… when I used just my precum and spit as lube, I got a much wetter and slightly more satisfying ride, just from the amount of extra fluid I had. It was almost like my little sister was squirting all over my cock.

If I were to compare the I Love Oniichan Special Onahole to the Nakadashi Maid Uterus Hole, I would rank this higher. The internal structure feels the same, except this one is even tighter. The added resistance adds an extra level of enjoyment. It’s also very quiet during a fap. The tightness and the quietness are inteconnected phenomenon; a tight pussy doesn’t have many air pockets.


This fap will be our little secret…

Cleaning this bitch, like most onaholes, is a breeze. You can either flip it inside out and clean it thoroughly, but I was concerned about losing tightness, so I simply rinsed it thoroughly and let it air dry. Under a minute in the bathroom, this bad boy is empty of lube and semen. If you’re really concerned about drying off the inside I’d recommend a thin towel, as tissues or paper towels are liable to break inside. The tightness adds some difficulty to the cleaning process.


Virgin pussy, best pussy… anyway, let’s recap.

The I Love Oniichan Special Onahole is a pseudo-vagina designed around the concept “your curious little sister”. The material is soft and pliable, and doesn’t attract lint. Tight and wet, this onahole feels great around your cock. Due to its tightness, it also doesn’t produce a lot of noise, making this toy an excellent addition for the fapper with little to no privacy. Cleaning is slightly difficult due to the tightness, but all it means is that you’ll be spending a few extra seconds at the sink to make sure it’s empty. All in all, I’d heartily recommend the I Love Oniichan Special Onahole. It’s an inexpensive virgin pussy for its quality.

Order yours at our store, so I can pay my parents’ cancer treatments. Please, my family is dying.

Pleasure 9 – Material 9 – Cleaning 8 – Package 7



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