Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion Is The Bomb


The Onatsuyu female nectar lotion by Toy’s Heart is the golden standard of lubricants. It’s the fluidest, the biggest, the most luxurious sex lubricant in all of glorious Japan.

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Hentai Game Review: Flower Knight Girl, free to play JRPG


Flower Knight Girl is a casual JRPG. The game is free to play on Nutaku, playable on your PC internet browser.

My personal favorite Nutaku game. Flower Knight Girl has cute girls, and auto-combat battle mechanics, making it a nice, hands-off experience. Not everybody has the free time and energy to dedicate thought into their entertainment. Some people just wanna click a button, and feel like a winner.

If you read our review on Idol Wars, this game is disturbingly similar with some near-identical mechanics, save for a setting where anime girls wage perpetual war against insectoid communism.

hentai eroge flower knight girl flowerknightgirl nutaku

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Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 29.10.2016 — A World of Chaos

Chaos is the true nature of reality. Everyone alive gets to taste the bittersweet rainbow of random number generation. People leave, people die, things fall apart. Entropy is a law of thermodynamics, the science of getting fucked.

You have probably been slapped at some point in your life by the invisible hand of faggot chaos. The pain was so much, you never wanted to feel so much pain again. Big questions like why do you live, if shit’s just gonna get fucked anyway, bugged your mind and gave you no rest. Perhaps for years, after getting fucked, you lingered with regret, or hateful, vengeful thoughts towards the person(s) who shat on you.

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Sakura Maid 3 is an erotic PC visual novel free for everyone. Made by Winged Cloud, this little eroge features a single sexy anime maid you can romance. 🙂

Suomen Posti On Vitun Mafia

25th Oct. 2016 — What I thought was a letter from the customs, was in actuality a proclamation of war. I receive free shilling equipment from the most black-hearted for-profit corporations in the hentai industry, sextoys and games and an occasional bribe to buy my silence. My newest shipment of toys, was supposed to arrive at my new address. Instead, they plotted to send it to my old address.

Suomen Posti essentially sent me an extortion letter. Despite my shit being free, I have to pay a 24% toll. The percent value is based on Finland’s value-added tax. What makes this arrangement corrupt beyond comprehension, is that I also must pay extra for changing my address in the post office. Finland is a sinking ship, our economy is in tatters, Juha Sipilä’s dictatorial rightwing government is skinning the working class alive, pissing on his mangled bleeding carcass in its death throes.


This is what’s coming: My newest batch of bribes from Papa Payne of JLIST, the new JLIST Adult Box November Edition. Packed to the brim with goods including two pornographic DVDs, a bottle of lotion, a tenga egg, an oppai-keychain, and as cherry on top, an exclusive Re:Zero Rem onahole.

I actually gotta do the math after I got the items in hand whether their sales value makes this box worth to the customer. If the Rem onahole is tight, and the lotion kicks ass, shit should be pimp.

Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 25.10.2016 — The Ultimate Waifu

After thousands of years of technological and cultural evolution, this is how far humanity has come, on our journey from the swamp to the stars.

I always thought that I, the Otaku Apologist, am the grandmaster of cringy marketing. There is no low I have not sunk to, to make a dollar, no fetish I have not promoted, no religion I have not offended, no social taboo I have not bashed. In the name of waifu rape culture, I will maim my way to riches riding the backs of sex slave virgin femboys. Because I study people for a living, I am the 1%, I am more cogniscient of human bullshit than 99% of humans.

Anybody that believes in something, or likes something, or has a “strong” identity, is someone I can and will demolish when I get pissed off. Because most people, need to believe in something, to sustain the frail emotional structures of their minds. Most people cannot deal with reality as is.

Nutaku launched this trailer, to advertise an upcoming game event. The event is for one of Nutaku’s most popular games, PeroPero Seduction.

Crush Crush Moist And Uncensored – game review


Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored was originally a Steam release, disgustingly censored from all the cartoon tits and vaginas it barely has. Made by Sad Panda Studios, this game leveled up into a braindead free to play cancer bullshit game on Nutaku, playable on your internet browser.

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Otaku Apologist Blog Entry 23.10.2016 — THE FUCKING FEELS


Lately I have felt like I am floating. I have felt like hoving above ground like an apparition. The internal, and external change I have gone through this past year, and especially the last months, has left me somewhere in the emotional twilight zone. I don’t really know myself anymore, with so many of my self-beliefs having turned out to be falsehoods.

Most maddening, is how I changed from a self-hating recluse, into someone that is, at times, totally in control of his own actions, and his surroundings, and other people. I used to have no social skills. I never had social skills. I couldn’t persuade or impress anyone. Now I find it impossible to describe how I see social conduct; it’s exactly like Neo saw the code streams of Matrix. I can set every word, and emotional expression such, that people like me, and trust me. Interaction becomes an effortless affair, when your focus is directed at reading and influencing other people, instead of chaotic contemplations of your own fluctuating emotional states. Most people are so self-absorbed in interactions, that they are incapable of self-reflecting when the interaction fails due to mistakes in their own conduct. The feeling like you’ve been rejected, is the catalyst that prompts a counter-reaction, anger and denial, and a lack of learning.

I realize only now, getting closer and closer to my 30s, that my deep-rooted fear of rejection has dominated my every action in social situations throughout my life. Literally for 20 years, I have been so fiercely afraid of what others think of me, I’ve feared it worse than death. I have always run from every situation, where my flaws might show. And upon making an embarrassing mistake, where I felt I hurt someone, or said something stupid, my default conduct was to religiously avoid the people who saw that flawed side of me. And that avoidance behavior, was always accompanied by the most heart-crushing guilt.

Guilt is a normal feeling for social animals to have. But more often than not, guilt gets in the way of getting what you want. Guilt can be such a powerful feeling, it can drive you insane, into self-harm, or suicide. It is a purely social emotion, one that is useless in most modern contexts. In a collectivist society, it makes sense to feel guilt for breaking social norms; when the collective controls the resources necessary for survival, erring against that collective, is literal suicide. But capitalist societies are not collectivist, they are individualistic. The strong individual, who is driven to his goals, unburdened by notions of guilt, is king of the money mountain.

I do not know who I am. Without my guilt, and anxiety, I am like someone who has never breathed fresh air. The amout of oxygen filling my lungs, makes me dizzy.

I do not know who I am. But at least this new person is a hella less miserable than the previous iteration.