14.4.2017 — Contemplating anime music videos

Lately I have been listening to old Nightwish songs. I used to listen to plenty of metal music in my teens and soon-ending twenties. By consequence, I stumbled on to awkward fan-made music videos featuring Nightwish songs. They give me flashbacks. I was that level of awkward, and still am.

Watching these videos, I can just see how insanely deep people are in their own heads. The music is dark and emo as fuck, and the videos show scenes from anime and shitty Final Fantasy sequels. Only someone really deep inside their shit would produce this kind of content.

What annoys me is that this is widespread. Everybody thinks with their emotions, and that they are the center of the universe. Part of this narcissistic self-centeredness is that your mind is preoccupied with thoughts of what other people think of you. Even when you know it’s stupid, you remain a slave to perceptions that make you feel naked. Or worse, you really have zero clue how other people perceive you, so you fuck around and nobody stops you.

When I did phone sales in 2015, I went into the gig filled with confidence. I even nailed the interview perfectly. But the moment I sat on the phone, anxiety choked the voice from me. Calling up random strangers, and getting rejected midway to the sales pitch again, and again, stirred up years of trauma. I kept grinding through that, sucking ass day after day. I got fired for being bad, which destroyed my confidence completely for many months. Two years after, with consistent daily practice, I’ve gotten to be a master salesman. I use my deep-ingrained insecurities to deliver the best clickbait marketing in the hentai scene. Advertising is my music.

Getting out of your head is a process. Becoming a better content creator, whether you’re doing music, writing, games, whatever, necessitates that you get out of your head. You have to switch focus from you, to how things feel for the audience. Your mind should be fixated on reading how the audience feels – they are all inside their heads, riddled with insecurities and trauma. That’s how humans are. Entertaining them, and getting their support, is possible only when you focus on their bullshit, instead of your own shit.

Focus on the customer. Only the customer matters.

Free Geopolitics Sim In Your Internet Browser!

SINNER FKG PROMO 3 FKG big promo pic

This writeup is a promotion for a free game playable at Nutaku.net.

Flower Knight Girl is a turn-based action RPG, themed around the ongoing depopulation of Africa. Under the guise of total media silence, you commandeer the secret guerilla fighting unit called the “Flower Knight Girls”. “FKG” for short, your kawaii death squads raize the populations of entire cities, with full consent from the domestic dictator you bribed with sex. To avoid controversy, the game’s creator DMM group replaced brown people with bugs.

This controversial hentai game is free to play in your PC internet browser at Nutaku.net.

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13.4.2017 –negotiating shit is like whistling

nendoroid nazi neonazi hate speech

I never learned how to whistle, until late into my twenties. I didn’t know how to form a circle with my lips, and blow air out. What? Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Negotiating the terms of a relationship is the core skill of life. How much money, sex, and opportunities you have, has everything to do with your negotiating. It’s a harsh world out there, where people, even good-hearted people, will willingly exploit you if you allow them to.

The global economy is built on conformist self-hating beta males who work themselves to death on assembly lines. You are doped up with religion, sex and TV, and told an uncounted number of lies about the facts of life. Nobody will tell you, that your life sucks because you suck… at negotiating.

When you start learning the art of negotiating, it’s like whistling, you will sound awkward, and possibly not get out a peep. You go through those embarassing phases. You get rejected, told off, you get fucked into bad deals. You fail to make a sound that resembles anything beautiful.

How do you start? Try get a discount at the store, see what arguments they’ll use to counter you. Start an argument with your most annoying friend. Try a sales job, get through the interview, try convince customers to buy stupid shit. Trying to sell shit to customers will reality check you very, very quickly, it’s like two virgin gayboys trying to ass-fuck each other. The customer will fuck himself out of a good deal, and you will fuck up convincing him he’s a retarded fag.

The school system, at least in my days, never taught us negotiating. It’s either an illuminati plot, or a consequence of the social dynamics at play, the need of teachers to have control over a hoard of bloodthirsty goblins. Conformity is rewarded, individuality is punished. And you wonder why you hate yourself…

Practice makes perfect. Personally I am always pushing my business contacts to give me concessions, I force my freelancers to negotiate their pay for gigs. When things are too stable, I start instigating arguments. You do that, to stay on top of your game. You develop a muscle memory for how it’s done.

If you never whistle, because you feel embarassed of sounding ridiculous, you will never learn it. You are not mentally ill for being insecure, or neurotic. You just lack confidence, because your prior embarrassments are vivid in your memory, and your natural human inclination is to avoid ever feeling that way again. Those feelings of embarrassment fade, as you get better.

Everyone goes through awkward phases when learning new skills.

12.4.2017 — This is what we are… dirt on the ground

DSCN1948 DSCN1949

It never goes like you see in fiction. Getting from point A to point B, is a much dirtier path. Success can be random, and arguably unearned, like if you strike oil on your backyard. Now you’re rich. What?

The global economy is much like nature. Random things simply happen. Nobody has full knowledge of the future, and everyone makes their decisions on flimsy estimates. It’s always a gamble to launch a new company, a new product, to invest money into something. Even the best of economic analysts constantly miss their mark.

Predicting things is not stupid, you have to think about the future, but it’s impractical to commit to uncertain projections. When you invest into a person, be they a girlfriend, or a worker, you have to consider the possible circumstance that shit falls apart, in the most miserable way possible. If you lived like a stupid shitter prior to disaster, you will have nothing left.

I wish people were smarter. But we are spoon-fed so many lies, and agenda-driven propaganda, from central banks, corporations, governments, religions, corrupt scientists, and our superstitious idiot friends, that thinking rationally about life becomes a chore. You have to shovel the bullshit away, and even then you are left with uncertainties, about what’s actually the truth.

You need anchors in life. You need something you can trust to be true, without the shadow of a doubt. If your anchors are bullshit, you will lose decades of your life chasing rainbows. That gamble pays off for very few.

What grounds me, is my atheism. By all logical accounts, I am nothing but stardust that somehow formed into a thinking, self-aware mortal organism. Somehow I am here, right now, cogito ergo sum.

I forge my path on the presumption that my time is limited. I have nothing to fear, when my flesh is already set to rot away. Fear is the illusion, that certainties, and improbable outcomes, are worth considering in your plan for survival.

Everything you have, will disappear. Everyone you know, will leave. Everything you build, will crumble to dust. Everyone dies. Still, you live, and build things.

Supply and demand. Amen.


Okay, fellow fags. Heed my advice, if you decide to buy something that i have not reviewed! Since you’re buying blindly, you gotta consider certain pointers to increase your chances of getting products with a satisfying design!

Look for the best brands Toysheart, Tamatoys, A-One, Tenga, etc.

Look at the internal designs. Avoid the weirder designs, and avoid anything that’s advertised as “extremely” anything. Extremely tight, or intense, has a chance to be uncomfortably tight.

It has to be sealed at the end, for the vacuum effect. If it’s a double-ended hole, it’s a big coin flip whether it’ll be good.

Double holes (pussy and anus in one toy) are usually expensive, and they can easily be mediocre for the price.

The further the toy deviates from standard design, the less chance that the company executed it correctly. Companies put out mediocre experimental products in shiny packages, to salvage design costs.

If the onahole includes a vibrator, don’t even think about it. The vibrator will most likely be loud, clunky, and out of place.

Try to see if the toy is made in Japan or China. Show preference to toys made elsehwhere than China, because fuck communism.

Be careful if the toy is advertised as simulating “deepthroat”, “boobjob”, “foot sex”, or anything else that’s not “anal” or “vaginal” sex. That’s the mark of an experimental design.

Distribute your budget such that you buy three holes. This way you have a chance of nailing one REALLY good toy, one that’s okay, one that’s downright bad. You could also get two good holes, and one that’s bad. Three strikes is extremely unlikely, when you follow my previous instructions.

If you buy four or more holes in one order blindly, honestly, you’re being stupid. You want to first experience the toys you bought, and get first-hand experience with the brands. You also most likely will not have the libido to ride four holes, especially if your fourth hole was mediocre shite. Save the extra money for your next order, because now you’ll be much wiser about brands, materials, etc.

Only buy four or more holes, if you’re doing research, to start an onahole review and sales business like me. – Otaku Apologist

11.4.2017 — Nutaku hentai game advertising rationalization lesson!

FKG nuke sinner FKG big promo picScreenshot (5447)

Visit Sinnercomics.com for geeky porn parodies of popular characters!

Advertising is the most hardcore science in existence. You are dealing with more vague information than any scientist. Similar to being a state funded researcher, when you produce the wrong results, you lose money. Everybody hates you, you die alone sucking cocks, cum in your mouth in a ditch.

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10.4.2017 Manga Update – Pochaco futa version (10 pages) coming!

Screenshot (5437) DSCN1935

I have ordered Jberserk to draw dicks on Sonico and Pochaco. 10 pages of phat dicks and juicy testicles on your favorite waifus…

But let’s not sugar coat this shit. I’ve spent almost all my bank from 2016 into all these manga projects, the logos, the website coding, SEO boost, reviews, etc. We are going to have to feeze the majority of projects at this rate next month. I’ve been doing everything on the management side alone, and have not been able to push my advertisers as much, to make the sales roll.

This month is the big test. If our business model is sound, we can get this biz shit off the ground without painstaking renovations that further distract from the content creation.


We should not need to beg for cash, I really don’t want to. To keep our brand 100% capitalist, no donation begging, I have worked hentai-onahole.moe to offer stellar paysites, like Pornhub (we make 50% off monthly subscriptions), and Hentaipros (25usd per signup, once per customer). Nutaku has also become valid; the site has improved tons since 2016, and now offers lots of great hentai visual novels, RPGs, action games, puzzle games, and games for other genres. The browser games too have gotten better and better, after they added western games Crush Crush, Harem Heroes, and Pussy Saga.

I understand now, I simply cannot beastmode advertising, while leading a business. I humbly encourage you to utilize the store page as the self-service it was intended. Not to dramatize, but our fate is in your hands.

Raise your onaholes for strength and independence…DSCN1953

You gays decide, if our budding hentai production deserves to live, or die. -OA

9.4.2017 — Sakura Igawa Prison Rape Manga update!

edited EDITED2 EDITED3 edited4 EDITED5

9.4.2017 – Marking fixable shit in the next manga….

Uzonegro delivered these lineworks some weeks ago. There’s a ton of things I don’t like about them. I’m marking up the most pressing issues, and handing them back to him to hopefully smooth out a bit. It seems I will have to accept a lower standard of quality, because I simply cannot pay him enough, to sit him down to take time away from his other projects. It’s an issue I have to live with.

I was planning to hand these pages to Jberserk, but he was planning to charge another 15usd per page, which would rack up the costs too much. Sticking with Uzonegro is simply the cheapest option, though communicating with him is less fluid than with Jberserk. That means there will be imperfections.

Below is art from the digital painter that I’m planning to use for this project. I would prefer to use him to color this, if we can clean up the linework. His rate is 20usd per page though. Uzonegro will color the pages for 10usd each, meaning we’d pay double if we went with the painter.

These are pictures that my painter did for another project. He is very fucking good, and affordable. But right now, I have to be as budget savvy as possible, when I simply do not have the energy to advertise JLIST 247 like I used to.

If you like the blog, and want to help us build some kinda company from all this miserable depressing below minimum wage ghetto bullshit, you can help by getting yourself good shit from my advertisers. I think we got the superior business model to crowdfunding, ‘cause in the worst case, where we fuck this up, you still got stuff!

Thanks for reading. I’m going on a vacation tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be less of an annoying faggot afterwards!

9.4.2017 — I voted today in the Finnish county elections


I have been reading about politics, for a decade. As my understanding of the world matures, and I accumulate new information, my opinions shift to reflect my perception of reality. Currently I lean on conservatism, nationalism, and I oppose vehemently the immigration policies enforced by the European Mafia Mega State. Angela Merkel, a spawn of communist East-Germany, has no place dictating how a small country like mine handles their part in the refugee crisis, nor should the EU have a say in our relations with Russia.

European nationalists oppose the loss of sovereignty, being robbed by unelected bureaucrasies of the Eurasian mega state. The EU was supposed to be just a trade union, but instead it’s something of a framework for a branch of a megalomanic world government. Centralized governance is a path to a dictatorship.

The EU dictates too many things via its directives, it has an unelected president and constitution that the citizens never voted. Some politicians are even pushing for a unified EU army. What the hell?!

I have been studying social and political trends in the west, as part of my market research, for hundreds of days now. The conclusions I have come to are simple.

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