16.5.2017 — Best Relationship Advice Ever

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One of my freelancers recently had an argument with their girlfriend. I have never had one, because I suck, but I have in-depth experience in life-destroying relationships. Before the age of 26, near every one of my friendships had gloriously collapsed. I was, as you can imagine, a psychological mess. The Otaku Apologist is often times not a “mask”, but my real, messed-up inner self given flesh. The green mask are my guts turned inside out.

After dedicating my life to the world of business, I have had little drama in my relationships. Based on my losses and successes, my advice to this guy was simple. Bitches are not rocket science:

Emphasize investment into things you cannot lose.

Invest into yourself: your looks, talents, knowledge, social skills, etc.

Diversify risk: find more nice people to be with. (but don’t cheat on her)

Only invest time into relations that enrich you with information, useful skills, good feelings, and other assets.

De-invest emotionally from relations that drain your emotions and/or money. Take distance, but don’t cut anyone off but in the most extreme circumstances.

Observe for patterns. If you’re getting into emotionally draining fights constantly, either you, or her, is a total bitch. You can’t be with someone, to cure their past traumas. Quit that shit, to preserve the sanity of you both.

Never all-in on a relationship. People leave, and people die.

When you are not an emofaggot smoking ruin of a man, you will be desired in the dating market by the normal, smart, fun ladies. First priority is to maintain and cultivate your own awesomeness that attracts the pussy. Her happiness comes second.


16.5.2017 — “Phantasma Magic: Deluxe” released on Nutaku

Screenshot (5881)

Launched in May 2017, made by AGN, Phantasma Magic: Deluxe is a peculiar match-three browser game. Match-three games rank among the most addicting game types, thus it’s no wonder the Nutaku corporation added such a fine money grinding bitch into their catalog.

In Phantasma Magic, you play as a witch. You match tokens on the board, which correspond with various elemental magic spells. Three of the same kind of tokens creates a spell cast. Heart tokens cast healing spells, moon tokens increase spell effectiveness, and the elemental tokens cast damaging spells. Yes, there are enemy creatures you must slay. They attack you on every second turn.

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Studio Tsukiware busts out ecchi bullet hell game “Fox Fire”


Studio Tsukiware has previously made “Critical Hit!” homosexual mini visual novel. The studio is spearheaded by my good friend Mark Jackson. We met in Doxy’s art chat early 2016. Fox Fire is a bullet hell spinoff game currently in development, based on their upcoming crowdfunded visual novel “Tower of Five Hearts”.

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Lubricant review: Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Lotion


Toy provided for review by JLIST.

Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Lotion, arrived on my doorstep mid 2016, sent by JLIST. It was one of the first free products they provided me for review. It’s made by the venerable Japanese toy crafter, ToysHeart. It is water-based, and has a kawaii loli picture on the bottle. Sadly, this lotion has been the most disappointing lubricant I have ever masturbated with.

Welcome to another blockbuster installment in our show, “Otaku Apologist’s hateful Japanese lube reviews”. Or something.

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13.5.2017 — Kemono Impregnation Island Story

I started writing story for my game while sitting in a car, headed to a swimming hall. I was fatigued to my bones, thinking cynically how to avoid the issues I continually run into, when exercising my writing muscle. Since I was 20 years old, I have been meaning to do “small-scale projects” that are quick and easy to execute. Each and every time, the project escalated.

At this point, having failed at every section in my life, including relationships, education, working life, health, sex, my deteriorating looks, I am self-identifying my biggest flaw as a writer. My projects escalate, because I get wild new ideas. Instead of building something pristine and focused, I start crafting complex, highly detailed, unnecessary clutter around the core. So…

Basically, I have to deny myself from following my most natural inclination, which is to be creative. I need to cut down, simplify, reduce, minimize, de-escalate. Thus, per my new business philosophy, this project, just like every other project, must be completed within 1-2 months tops.

The story for our game is what you see in the above graphic: You are a sad cunt. You sign a deal with the devil. The devil gives you the power of seduction. You become a demon who takes damage in the sunlight. Instead of hunting pussy at night, you go for the “live” experience, skirt-chasing during daytime, and you stay alive by draining the life energy of girls by fucking them pregnant.

We will add much clutter into this game once it’s done and finished. Stay up to date on production by following my twitter.

13.5.2017 — The hentai scene makes me sick sometimes

This industry is very difficult to get employment in. Most companies do not openly recruit, thus you are forced to approach them via social media, or art streams, or leverage your connections.

But… even if you manage to get gigs from one of these companies, don’t expect a livable salary. Your income will go up and down, as the availability of work fluctuates. If the company does badly, your earnings go down. People can leave, workers and company heads burn out trying to manage chaos.

The people that actually survive here, have been grinding up their reputation for years. I know people who were shitters for half a decade, before they started making it. There are exceptions; some get up there much faster.

I have not worked for every company in the scene, but I know people. The stories they tell are disconcerting. There is a lack of transparency, a lack of ethics, workers are not treated well. Benefits like job security, or healthcare plans, are not part of the deal. There are clear cases of abuse, the Crush Crush developer using unpaid volunteer translators is only one of them. I hear stories that writers especially are not getting paid. I’ve personally had issues getting name credit for the freelancing I’ve done.

I have been in business for maybe one and half years. I still struggle with basic paperwork, I make mistakes, I am not a stable employer. But even with my flaws, I always pay my people, and see to it, that their career can advance in this industry, after they are done working for me. I force them to take backups of their work, explain basics of industry networking, introduce them to other companies, advice them to take better care of their social media. I do my best to help them improve, while working on my own weaknesses.

If people knew the shit that some of those companies do behind the scenes, they would not buy their products… At least I hope they wouldn’t. People are not always consistent with their morals and buying behavior.

I am thankful for everyone that’s sticking with me through this trial by fire. It’s been a hellish ride to get back on track. -OA

12.5.2017 — Some kind of miracle


A small miracle has happened. Even though my business is practically dead right now, I am still making money. I am making JLIST sales, Nutaku sales, and new Nutaku registrations every day.

I can understand that I’m making JLIST sales, because my store receives search engine traffic, and my comics promote the store. Even with shit traffic, my store is so well-designed, it executes sales.

It’s also no surprise I’m making sales from Nutaku. After over a year of promoting the company, I have enough customer accounts created in my name, that there’s always someone buying something.

All of the above makes sense, I can explain it away. But the strange thing is, I am getting hundreds of unique clicks for Nutaku. I get some 300+ clicks a day, resulting in up to 7 new customer registrations a day. How?

It is so strange. I have been wanting to quit hentai for months. But every time I question why I do this, something really good happens. I make some sales, or a new opportunity pops up from out of nowhere. No matter the bad things that keep happening to me, my business just will not die.

It’s like… the unyielding fighting spirit of the Otaku Apologist, is carved so deep into the heart of my operation, that even when I literally slam the door shut behind me, it just won’t end this.

I have almost no fans left. Everybody has deserted me, I have barely any staff anymore, my recent negotiations have almost all failed, I’ve lost the trust of key partners. I keep losing, and losing, and losing, and there’s no end in sight to that. So how am I still here, hanging from a cliff’s edge?

My life is a mundane tale of bad luck and failure. I should be out of the game already. How am I still here? What is even happening right now?

8.5.2017 — Hentai manga update: SAKURA IGAWA DOODLE!!

HEADS UP! The next five pages have been paid for, and Jberserk is hard at work drawing again. My upcoming original hentai doujinshi features Sakura Igawa, from Taimanin Asagi. The manga will be 8-10 pages in total, of full-blown prison rape fun times. We are doing it black and white first, and adding colors and futa dicks later.

That’s right! Just like with the Pochaco manga, we will make a futa version also. Above is Jberserk’s study of the character, which in my eye, looks just fucking perfect. The artist loves Taimanin Asagi just as much as I do, and I’m beginning to think we may be secretly biologically related.

We are pretty much forced to launch a Patreon soon, because this shit costs wayyyy too much money. I want to focus on content from now on, and that means I can’t advertise my sponsors like the madman I used to be. That shit drains too much energy, when I have a biz to run.

You can still best support us by shopping at JLIST or Nutaku, and I hope that once our Patreon is launched, you won’t hesitate to subscribe for a few dollars a month. It’s crucial you help us survive this tough period, when my tumblr was once again reduced from thousands to near zero followers.

Please enjoy the art, and please check my “shops” page. -OA

8.5.2017 — Hentai game development update!

Screenshot (5773) Screenshot (5774)

Dren worked this weekend on our demo for “Kemono Impregnation Island”. It’s a free browser game. The concept from the ground up cuts every corner to finish a great product, in just months, with a bare minimum budget. Currently the game is 2D as you can see, because it’s easier to code, but it will soon be like Diablo 2, with animal girl sex.gfs_43701_1_8

The current crowdfunding model advertises my sextoy store. You purchase a toy, or check out my other advertisers (Nutaku, Hentai Pros), you help fund indie hentai gaming!

In the game, you have to have sex with animal girls, or you die.Screenshot (5775)Try the pre-alpha demo of the game>

All art is placeholder (because it’s embarrassing!), but I’ve already budgeted for Jberserk to make the bulk of the art. He did the Pochaco manga. Next week we will have his material included in the game.

Thanks for reading. Please try the awkward demo! -OA

7.5.2017 — Rothschild agent Emmanuel Macron wins French election

Emmanuel Macron seemingly won the presidency of France on this day. An elitist with ties to the global Rothschild banking cartel, was successfully branded by the mainstream media, as a defender of European values. A former member of the French socialist party defending Europe? Sure, because socialism worked out so well for the collapsing Venezuela.

You start digging any prominent political figure’s past, there’s always skeletons in their closet. Macron is no exception. But you don’t weigh these things really. Your choice comes down to how much you trust their rehearsed smile. You don’t really care what the ramifications are of his policies, because you don’t understand the complex interconnected web of systems that society is. You do not have the knowledge to compare systems of governance, and their pros and cons, save on a surface level.

You vote, without knowing shit. You are pro globalism, pro European Union, because everybody has been telling you since your birth, that it’s a good thing. Because criticism against the EU is toothless, underground, and socially stigmatized. You are pro EU, even though you cannot even name the president of the EU. Did you know they tried to push a EU constitution? Neither you or your parents ever voted for either, and the news media glanced over it. Chances are, you live in an EU nation that was both forced to join the union without a national vote, and forced into the common currency without a vote. This is what happened to Finland, and our political elite to this day, detest letting the people have a referendum. How is that democracy?

What do I know about Macron, then? Not enough. He is just like every other fresh faced president that gets voted into office in the western world. He is another Justin Trudeau, another Juha Sipilä, another Barack Obama, that just appeared from nowhere to ascend the throne of one of the most advanced nations on the planet. These people just swoop in like magical fairies from a rainbow-colored cloud, every time hyped up by the media as the next progressive miracle maker.

As a self-learned professional marketer, I study the best of liars. I study the techniques that go into winning people’s trust. I see every day, how this sociopathic strategizing is abundant in the media, and politics. These tactics, are based on emotional manipulation, the goal of which is to make you forsake your critical thinking. Because if the customer feels uncomfortable, they will do research. If the customer thinks, your sale is lost. So you never let them think, you just make them fucking emotional.

They simplify complex issues. They pander to your bias. They sell slogans (“hope and change!”). They rehearse walking, talking, intonation, and smiling. They get endorsements from war criminals. They stigmatize the opposition with hollow brands like “nazi”, “fascist”, “racist”, because they know people don’t care what a real nazi, fascist, or racist even looks like. They invoke your primal tribalism: branding someone with these words is an invation to stop thinking. He is the enemy, don’t believe his lies!

I wish that Macron is not what I fear. I hope from my heart that this guy, who attended the secretive Rothschild-Rockefeller made Bilderberg group in 2014, is not blackmailed because he broke the law by having an underaged affair with a 40-year old woman. I hope that he didn’t become a millionaire, because he was bribed by the banking cartel he worked for. I hope that he is not a socialist.

“Hope and change”… hope for who?