Horror game review: Everlasting Summer


Written by PaleSnail, edited by Trapmaster.

Developed by Soviet Games, you can play this on Nutaku on your web browser.

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20.9.2017 — Update on hentai-onahole.moe

Screenshot (6990)

We’ve been working with Dren on the store since monday.

Hentai-onahole.moe now has an SSL certificate (https), which is practically useless since I don’t process credit card payments. But people look at the “S” in the “https” and feel safer to shop.

I wrote a new “About” page that contextualizes the site.

Images in single-product view should load faster now. The front page itself should load faster.

The side arrows on main page now show at all times. Too many customers complained that there are “only 8 products”…. >___>

Every product review now links to my new website. It’s a much sleeker design, done by my specifications.

Added a bunch more digital products, and new slick icons.

Edited a couple product descriptions to be 25% less cancerous.

19.9.2017 — Living wage on hentai not possible under socialism

This month promises to be the first that I’m making a living wage on hentai (~$1500). I’ve been working non-stop for three years to get here.

I wish I could say my path is an alternative for anguished working class men. But it’s not an alternative, for the very reason you can imagine: living costs are too high under socialism.

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19.9.2017 — Nier Autofellatio Hentai Manga Project – completed

2B is a fucking dirty cumslut, that deserves zero respect. She’s the kind of bitch you fuck, pump full of dick cheese, and dump. Read the whole comic at www.otakusexart.com

Thanks to everyone that supported us throughout this production. I’m watching closely at the traffic of my websites, and the sales we make. If reactions are positive, we’ll make a continuation of the scenario. 2B’s slutty pussy got no action this time around. A big monster dick should fix that.

Let us know in the comments below this post, how you’d like the scenario to continue. Speak now, or forever shut your faggy pie hole.

18.9.2017 — Your time is never coming back

One business partner commented, that it’s like my heart is ice. I can’t disagree with that assessment.

I was part of many online communities years back. My dearest memories are from my teens, participating in guild activities in World of Warcraft. I still remember names, and photos on the guild forums. I remember raids, loot drops. I remember what we argued about – always stupid shit. Blackwing Lair was serious business.

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DANK MEME: Free Market Capitalism Is Oppression!


Before capitalism, societies were maintained by slaves. Because all the important work is mind-numbing trite bullshit. Even work that’s engaging, gets boring after you have to keep doing it for years, and years, and years.

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16.9.2017 — Re:Zero Hentai Manga Project – shading progress

Re-Zero Hentai Page 1 (Skin Shaded) Re-Zero Hentai Page 2 (Skin Shaded) Re-Zero Hentai Page 3 (Skin Shaded) Re-Zero Hentai Page 4 (Skin Shaded)

Latest goods from Deadphoenx. After clearing out his personal drama, whatever it was that was slowing him down, he emailed me these. If you’re following my twitter, Jberserk finished drafting pages 5-7. I emailed the sketches to Deadphoenx, gauging his interest in dedicating more time to us.

I am working to strike a similar exclusive contract with Deadphoenx like we did with JB. It’s because of your chronic approach anxiety, that you are not getting pussy, instead opting to spend your life on masturbation toys and games, that I am able to cuck slave, after slave with fucking money.

Free market hentai capitalism is slavery. He he he… dank memes.

15.9.2017 — Amateur business lesson: Pay your fucking people

I woke up this evening to drama in one of my project groups. I’m not the leader, and I never run into these issues, because I always pay my people.

I can’t speak of the situation in more detail, dear reader. I’m still involved in the project, safeguarding reputations.

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15.9.2017 — Re:Zero Hentai Manga Project – page 6 draft

Page 6 draft of our Re:Zero manga, by the one and only Jberserk. We’re still waiting on the colors for the first four pages, but I figured we might as well commission extra pages regardless.

If you like what we’re doing, get yourself my favorite pussy. An onahole is so much cheaper, so much tighter, than real pussy. Plus, you can ejaculate inside of her, without a condom. Fuck yeah.

Hentai is a game of survival of the fittest

I’ve been talking with Jberserk for months. At this point, I know quite a lot about him. He’s a good person, smarter than average, and has the work ethic to become famous. Nobody else sees the potential I see in him.

I have Jberserk’s tentative commitment. But I don’t have his full loyalty, because of his living situation. There’s a couple things about his life that are utterly fucked. These things set a deadline for our partnership. If we don’t get traction within the next months, I foresee, our partnership will dissolve.

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