6.1.2018 — Aika and Sakaki nude sprites!!

It’s happening, guys!! We’re finally becoming a legitimate business. I got so many artists and writers working on content now, I just wanna focus on that shit. Please follow Otakusexart.com, we’re updating every day!! 😀

3.1.2018 — Futa Wonder Woman

I’m working with a new 3D artist. Commissioning a set of 3D pinups without backgrounds, for later use in other projects. Starting with the queen of liberal progressiveness, Wonder Woman.

2.1.2017 — Aika and Sakaki 2D sprites!

I was undecided whether to use 3D art, or 2D art for one of our upcoming hentai visual novels. I wanted both! These are our original characters, that we’re gonna feature in all kinds of pinups, comics, and games. The blonde slut is named Aika, the brunette is Sakaki. Aika is a bad influence for her conservative girlfriend, who she’s grooming to become a total bisexual fuckslut who does threesomes, and worse. Ultra empowered, super strong and independent, they’ll soon be rocking welfare checks from the government to support their horde of children! Hurray for sexual liberation!

1.1.2017 — Sinnercomics is the dankest meme

dogessWell, it happened. Sinner emailed me. We are talking about running another ad campaign at Sinnercomics. It turns out, Sinner is now a devout Christian. He’s correcting his ways, stopping his drug use, and getting more responsible about how he treats other people… I think.

Dank memes.

31.12.2017 — E-hentai hates Re:zero

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I uploaded my Re:Zero manga to e-hentai.com before hitting bed. I was expecting the ratings to be at least 3 stars when I wake up. But nope. Current score sits at 1.5 stars, which will seriously hurt the views the manga gets.

I’m hiring someone else for the linework. Deadphoenx’s lines just aren’t hitting a note with customers. I’ve heard criticisms from other people as well on his drawing skills. His coloring is nice though.

I don’t have a really skilled, reliable, affordable artist for manga right now. I’m just grasping on straws if we’re honest.

30.12.2017 — I gave the bitches Re:Zero… bitches love Re:Zero


People seem to be liking my Re:Zero manga.

I got a bunch of new followers on Hentai Foundry after posting the first four pages with the dialog. Somebody subscribed to Hentaipros, and Nutaku sales went up like Bitcoin’s price this year. That’s the kind of stuff I look at, to determine what kind of content I should put out.

With an advertiser-based business model, you’re always working with vague information. You don’t actually know anything for sure. Just because you made some sales, right after posting something, doesn’t mean that’s what caused the customer to buy stuff. You do again what you did when the sale happened, and see if the results can be repeated. Eventually you develop a feeling for these patterns in customer behavior.

I make good money with my methods, but why doesn’t my traffic increase for any of my sites? I only know how to get followers on social media, and I’ve abandoned those after so many bans. Hopefully I can crack a good model to retain customers this year 2018.

29.12.2017 — Cumslut Sissy Maids Manga Project Update

sissy trap maid meido hentai sex manga WIP 2 sissy trap maid meido hentai sex manga WIP

Here’s two preview pages from our upcoming original gay-trap-sissy-themed hentai manga. We are adapting the linework from our “Re:Zero Cumslut Maids” into a gay version featuring my original characters. The artist is Deadphoenx, who’s been freelancing for me since late 2016.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned being an entrepreneur, is that patience is rewarded, and impatience is harshly punished. I’ve wanted to make juicy crossdressing manga and games for years. I’m very happy to finally find myself in my privileged position, being able to deliver this content to eager trap-loving hentai fappers.

If you want to support the production, please show what we’re doing to friends, and visit our humble sextoy/game store. 🙂

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sucks My Dick

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Written by Otaku Apologist

George Lucas sold his intellectual property to Disney in 2012. Since then, new mediocre Star Wars movies have been shot, like it’s a gang war in Hollywood. The corporate film factory is churning out shitty film after shitty film, lining up the pockets of fat old share holders. Many fans rightfully hate these cash grab movies for not living up to the franchise’s epic legacy.

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