I suck at community building

I suck at community building. It’s sad, because I started the business route specifically to build a new community.

I’m slowly starting to understand why this is difficult for me. I was ousted from many communities. It happened online, and IRL. Something always happened, that got me kicked out of groups. All that repeated rejection has been corroding my insides for a long time. It’s like a ball of ice in my chest.

That isn’t to say I haven’t taken part in successfully building communities. I was part of many hobbyist groups, that all eventually collapsed. I built several World of Warcraft guilds. I played Magic the Gathering. I had friends at school. But people grow out of hobbies, they graduate, they get busy with life. I keep failing at creating long-term connections.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m producing content, sure, but at the same time, I’m failing at so many things. If I can’t build a community around my business, what’s the point? It’s not fun.

6.11.2017 — Fuck muslim terrorism


So, I’ve decided to not write new advertisements when there’s a racist muslim terrorist attack against white people – which is basically every week. When those attacks happen, my hardcore mindset kicks in, which makes me act like a terrible person on the standards of normalfags. The advertisements I write in that frame of mind, tend to cross certain thresholds.

There’s lots of little rules of thumb that are formulating from my varied experiences as an online advertiser. I’m planning to start a new website that would offer my expertise. I’ma call it “Redpill advertising”, my speciality being, to shit talk products in ways that customers will still buy them.

5.11.2017 — Bitcoin talk

bitcoin nendoroid

The only smart thing to do with Bitcoin, is to buy, and hold. Even though I’ve made nice profits from the wild world of cryptocurrencies, I’m finding myself taking the kind of risks that make no mathematical sense.

You can comfortably hold the coins untouched in a hardware wallet. It’s a little nerve-wracking for sure, the market price of BTC being so volatile, and no entity like the bank or the government pretending to have your back.

In reality, banks and governments are the biggest criminal organizations of the world. The current monatery policy, which is to print infinite fiat currency, and escalate national debts, is a recipe for total economic collapse. People with holdings in BTC are safer from literally everything, it just doesn’t feel like that because we’re more comfortable with the corruption.

I’ve already made some bad decisions with my BTC profits. I’ve bought useless things, I’ve invested into cloud mining, I bought into an ICO that could easily be a scam. I also waited too long to buy BTC, only to watch the price go up another $1000 the next week.

At every stage, the only right call was to buy, and hold, and not panic about price fluctuations. From now on, I’m only going to use my BTC to pay freelancers, and Sinner for the monthly ad space.

Sad and lonely serial masturbator had a question


Onaholes are not built to last forever. You’re going to make mistakes in handling them, just like in your sexual relationships. Your first girl, won’t be your last hole. It’s best to treat everything in life with a pragmatic disregard, while learning the ropes. My advice to you is to not overthink things, and indulge this neurotic need for avoiding loss. Buy a cheap hole, and abuse it, until it’s ripped to shreds and overtaken by mold. Your next hole will last much longer.

As hygiene goes, onaholes are often made of antibacterial rubber. There can even be silver particles laced on them, to kill germs. Just warm water is fine, so long as you dry it from the inside. Use a tampon, or a glove.

I personally just leave my holes in the open. If you need to be hiding them from your conservative grandmother, make sure there’s ventilation in whatever box you shove it in. Poke some holes in it? Put a towel in the box, so that leftover moist will be absorbed. And don’t let the hole stay unused for too long. Keep fucking yourself, until your life is in ruins.

1.11.2017 — Hentai Solitaire Project – 3 new designs

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Everybody is busy working on various projects. Comic business is currently on hold. We have three games coming, a 3D sex visual novel by Kia Azad, a pinball game, and this card game. I’m calling up lawyers right now to settle some burning questions while fighting a recurrent flu. The operation produces 50-100usd a day at present time, and we should be making 10x that when these game projects come on sale.

Stay tuned. We make hentai great again with your fucking money.

NO THANKS TO OBAMA: Current revenues exceed 100usd a day

Obama may have messed up America to the point of social and economic collapse on behalf of the Illuminati, but the Otaku Apologist strides on towards absolute overtake of the hentai industry. First we conquer anime porn, then we overthrow the bankers with Bitcoin, then we set up decentralized terror groups that hunt down the elite jews of the world. Then, we populate Mars with catgirls. Fight the powa!!

Game review: Fake Lay

Fake Lay, developed by Endless Fun Studio. Published on Nutaku in October 2017. A clicker / dating sim, this game is a frankenstein’s monster of hentai clickbait memes. It’s inspired by the porn site “Fake Taxi”, cancerous clicker games like Crush Crush, there’s classic dating sim concepts. You’re even filming porn of the girls!

Welcome to Otaku Apologist’s review of Fake Lay!

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28.10.2017 — ZzzzZZzzZZzZzZZzzzzz…


It’s been weeks. My energy is completely, utterly gone.

I have no defined emotions anymore. I can’t write good ads. I can’t do shit. I feel only a vague sense of responsibility to the onahole companies, whose children will starve on the streets sucking cocks from dirty old men, when I’m not making sales. So many little faggots turned into suicidal AIDS babies, ripe for ISIS to recruit them, rape them, and arm them with bomb vests. When money doesn’t flow like the rivers of blood in Syria, everyone cries, everyone dies, everyone cries.

The thought of homosexual mouthrape makes my skin crawl. Why can’t my rotting 30-year old body think of the children? Why? What did the AIDS faggots do, to deserve a savior as wretched as the Otaku Apologist?

You must buy onaholes. Gay kids are starving on our streets, because you are too full of social anxiety to buy anime-inspired sextoys. Get over it. Fuck yourself today, or global white genocide, is unstoppable.