19.8.2017 — Yuzuhara from Muramasa: The Demon Blade!

Muramasa - Yuzuruha (Kimono) Muramasa - Yuzuruha (Nude) Muramasa - Yuzuruha (Panties)

New art from Deadphoenx! He is the first sponsored artist producing content for my website, www.otakusexart.com. It’s a Japanese action sidescroller for the Wii console, developed by Vanillaware. Very epic! See the video below.

16.8.2017 — Hentai Clickbait twitter has reached 600 followers!!!

It’s gotten easier to make money on social media advertising. I’m promoting my store more than retailers, whose products lack user reviews. Service-based advertising is my new model, that’s hentai-onahole.moe.

The strategy with my twitter is to simply spam pictures, and ads. I also promote my newest reviews, and articles, and occasionally reply to random posts, to humanize the service. You can’t let people forget that it’s a human being posting the stuff, or the support dies down. I couldn’t do this shit every day without financial incentives. Thanks for the fucking money.

I’ve been fighting to build multiple sources of revenue ever since I started. Even as shit has been constantly falling apart here and there, I’ve made steady progress. My system is virtually impossible to destroy at this point. I can lose freelancers, I can lose social medias, projects can fail, I can even survive it if a server host fucks me. Hits to my income are minimized.

You can’t control the future. But you can account for it.

16.8.2017 — Hentai gif dump #4

000075XX 000006 6 6B 8 hentai onahole moe promo gif

Another batch of promo gifs commissioned from Kia Azad. The next post will be the last! I’m observing my sales metrics, seeing if sales coincide with my dumping of these bastards all over my social medias. Last batches seemed to produce an effect, thus I’ve placed an order for ten more gifs!

If you’ve already shopped at JLIST, please buy stuff from Nutaku as well. My business model only works if people use multiple services. 🙂

15.8.2017 — North Korea chickens out!! My blog is safe!!


According to the latest report, North Korea has cancelled the nuking of Guam. Huzzah!! For another day, our planet is safe from total annihilation!

My sanity remains intact through the mad rollercoaster of hell, because I meme hard, and fap with onaholes. At this point, most of everyone is redpilled to hell about corrupt world politics, and our financial system that’s practically a fullblown fraud. Everything is a ponzi scheme, or a conspiracy to kill the white male and usher in the age of the One World Government.

It feels like time itself is accelerating, as more things are happening in the span of days, compared to the past 10 years. Every day is historic, with big storylines moving forward. It’s like civilization is teetering on the ledge of a cliff. Somehow we are still hanging on. I know many of you feel helpless, as we’re just watching events of global importance unfold every week. During epic times like this, our every action small and big, are shaping the future we’re entering together. Every conversation you have that ends in another person getting redpilled, has a massive cascading echo effect through eons.

I miss the days when life was boring, and depressing because nothing was happening. But those days are in the past. The only path is forward.

15.8.2017 — Minor Sex Life Update To Prove My Undying Love To You

Entrepreneurs don’t really have vacations. As your own employer, you have the theoretical freedom to take a break anytime you wish. But why would you, when you can always make more content, and grow your business?

The same addiction with self-improvement that made me a World of Warcraft fanatic, is what I now experience as a businessman. I want to run one more dungeon, craft one more meme, earn one more JLIST sale. But as I learned in 2016, unless you slow your roll sometimes, you will start getting frustrated. You start seeing only the negative in what you do.

When I was playing WOW 10+ hours a day, I was really fucking annoyed at every tiny glitch in the game. It’s been the same with hentai.

For a long time through 2016 to early 2017, I absolutely hated hentai. I was working too many hours, while learning many negative aspects about my industry. I was so over-exposed to the best anime porn, I suddenly got an erectile dysfunction. It’s getting better only just recently.

The erectile dysfunction was a wakeup call. I realized that porn is not enough to satisfy bodily needs. My body needs to fuck. I started looking for ways to get my dick wet, and discovered a website called seksitreffit.fi. After scouring ads on the website for weeks, I booked myself a thai massage. Alas, I lost my virginity at the age of 27, to an ugly thai girl with a flu.

Another girl I had sex with, was a black hooker. For that assride, I had to fetch cash from my bank account. As all my business transactions are digital, plus I pay for everything with a credit card, I was completely out of paper cash. I looked for the nearest bank from Google maps, and took a bus to town. I called her several times about delays. It took a long-ass while to get my turn to draw funds. After that, I took another bus to the part of town where she was. The guy I sat next to in the bus asked me where I was going. I never told him I was going to fuck a black whore, but somehow he sensed the truth from my vague description. Awkward.

When I arrived at her place, she opened the door for me, invited me in. I crashed on the nearby sofa to catch a breath. After a while, she told me her prices for a blowjob, tittyfuck, and sex. For €100, I got my balls drained.

I handle my sex life like I run my business. I explore multiple angles to the same end result. Sometimes I take shortcuts. I’m setting up profiles for dating sites, while emailing sex workers. I have received two replies to my emails as of this morning.

My plan for this sexy time, is to fuck a Finnish girl. I want to find someone I can communicate with in my own language. I want someone older and more experienced than me, to teach me. I want to meet the girl at her home, where she’s comfortable, and take my sweet time with her pussy.

Thanks to the recent influx of support from fans, my budget for this fucktime is now €200. I can book two hours with a girl. I’m banging my heart out. Enjoy the blog. -OA

15.8.2017 — Why can’t we all just get along?

Like most people, I have zero clue what actually happened in Charlottesville, US. I depend on the media to deliver the “TLDR”, which we’ve learned in the past few years, is completely ideologically biased.

I read that white people staged a riot. The riot was outlawed by the town’s mayor, police were ordered to stand down, the rioters were herded close to anti-fascists (militant extremists), who initiated violence. Then some car drove somebody dead, for some reason.

I am overworked, frustrated, I barely have the mental focus to read anything more complicated than a comic book… and even comics are stretching it. As a result of my chronic mental fatigue, I need the media to tell me what to feel, so I know what everybody else who agrees with me is feeling. I need to follow the herd in hating what they hate. It would be dangerous if I actually did my own research, and found information outside of my ideological bubble. How could I stay angry, if I actually empathized with my opposition? What would everybody else think?

First blood was drawn months ago, when a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter shot a republican congressman. Now we have another corpse, blood fresh on the ground. These are the first deaths of the beginning civil war. Reality doesn’t matter anymore, the debate is over, facts are settled and the bets are in. Fists speak louder than the most articulate words.

In wartime, we choose sides, and kill members of the opposition. When their numbers are down, the winner owns the argument. Winners write the history books with blood. Facts are changed to fit the dominant narrative. The facts are taught at schools. Thus reality is shaped.

Humans can’t get along, because on average, we’re really fucking stupid. We cannot think, we can’t self-reflect, we can’t articulate our views, to make them sound agreeable in the minds of the people on the opposite side. Most people just feed off the energy of others, and assume blindly that other faggots they trust and listen have done their research. Then we’re angry, for reasons we don’t actually know, but goddamnit, it feels good to punch people.

If you’re an American reading my blog, my advice to you, is to buy a gun, and diversify your assets. Buy stocks, gold, silver, Bitcoin, whatever, just get out of the dollar currency. Make plans of escape to the country side, far away.

14.8.2017 — Hentai Gif Dump #3

4B 4X 4XX 000005 5 5B 5X

Do we love hentai gifs?? I’m commissioning a bunch from Kia Azad! We’re spreading word of my awesome store everywhere on the web! If you wanna support without spending cash, share these gifs. Hopefully the logo isn’t too distracting?? Please let us know in the comments!!! 🙂

The End of Otaku Apologist

nuclear holocaust jlist

My online career has been a rough ride. Many days and nights, I have contemplated just cutting my losses.

My life has been a series of endless humiliations and disappointments. My career too has been nothing but failures after failures. The bullshit has fueled my drive to push forward, but there is a limit. I’m drawing a line in the sand.

If North Korea nukes Japan, and JLIST is wiped off the map, I’m done. If the nuclear blastwave wrecks otonaJP, I’m done. At some point you just have to accept, that the white man’s God has other plans for you.

The dude on my right is Peter Payne, CEO of JLIST.

There, that’s my limit: this stupid fucking job can get as hard as it gets, but nothing less than all-out nuclear war will make me quit. Sadly, that might actually happen. I want to thank all my fans who have stuck with me through these crazy years. But everything, has a lifespan.

The Otaku Apologist is not forever.

13.8.2017 — Are you a toxic trash tier scumbag partner?

Näyttökuva (5086)

Quality fags choose quality partners, whose emotional baggage is manageable. Shitty people choose mediocre partners, who linger in a lifetime of crap.

The longer you stay in a toxic relationship with a shitty person, the more years it will take to recover from it. Cut it off clean.

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13.8.2017 — Thoughts About Bitcoin’s $4000+ Price Hike


Back in 2014, the same year I begun my first open university course on entrepreneurship, I dabbled in investment stocks. I was a self-hating bisexual faggot noob that never run his own business.

It was the year when Russia attacked Ukraine, and took the Krim peninsula. The war in Ukraine prompted the imposition of economic sanctions from the European Union, and United States. The sanctions hit Russia hard, alongside the plummeting of the global oil price. The price of oil went deep down, at the perfect moment when Russia’s GDP was heavily reliant on oil exports. Yes, it was an orchestrated effort between the Obama administration, and Saudi-Arabia, 21st century economic warfare. The Saudis flooded the market with oil, destroying the oil price, decimating the Russian economy.

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