18.10.2017 — Hentai Solitaire Project Update – four new cards!!

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Jberserk is churning out new card designs, while Crisisbeat is inking, and coloring them at an incredible rate. We are soon halfway to completing all the designs. Optimistic ETA to card art completion is 2-3 weeks!!!

Support our work by shopping at hentai-onahole.moe!! πŸ™‚

18.10.2017 — The cure to suicidal thoughts is financial success


If you’re following my twitter, your faggot ass may have noticed, I’m making fucking money. I’m up several thousand on my Bitcoin investments, the company tripled the cash inflow in the past two months.

Why is this important? Because more than likely, you’re part of the 18-30 year old male segment, lives with a single mother, has emotional issues, you have chronic anxiety, a confused sexual identity, your life sucks, you’re popping pills, going to therapy, somebody around you died to suicide, contemplates suicide, or you yourself have plans for a suicide. Your mounting financial and social issues are making you wanna bail from this planet.

There is only one cure: get competent, at running your own business. It’s therapy that pays out. It’s therapy that actually works. When all that hateful suicidal energy goes to build a financially bright future, there is nothing stopping you. There is no God, or Devil that can stop you. The passion of the free market is divine, it will heal you spiritually, and physically.

Self-empowerement must be felt. It cannot be taught. You have to try it, get in with a minimum investment, and hustle up. The markets are starved for content, there are hordes of paying customers waiting for a fag just like you.

17.10.2017 — You chase the hoes, I chase the paper

Feminism is ruining women’s lives. The communist death cult creates the very social problems that it promises to fix. As western societies become more embracing of feminism, women have more sex, they have less reason to be faithful (because you can always go on welfare to raise a kid), thus the divorce rates go up, single motherhood increases. Women are encouraged to chase sexual gratification, instead of building a stable family.

Children born into divorced households wittness their mothers lie, cheat, and steal their husband’s fortunes in divorce court. When the boys of these women grow older, and start dating, the memory of this trauma follows them. It’s impossible to respect a woman, and impossible to trust them, when you’ve seen their capacity for evil. The socialist welfare state creates the very kinds of hateful men that feminists hate. The fix to this, is of course, more taxes, more laws, more feminist propaganda, until your entire society collapses.

Feminism is not an empowering ideology – what it really does is deplete your energy for creative problem solving. Instead of thinking angles how to fix problems, you just obsess over the existence of the problems. Feminism also offers a convenient scapegoat for your ego: when things aren’t working out in your life, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

17.10.2017 — when emofaggotry wins over the free market

communism leftwing cthulhu

I’m giving up on trying to make this blog popular. I’ve been running it since mid 2016, and it hasn’t grown. My other websites are growing.

I need a website for just ranting about my feelings. I’m allocating this site to that duty, so I can keep the other sites cleaner. Anybody that wants to know about my personal stuff can just visit here, which doesn’t seem like it’ll be a crowd. The porn will keep flowing too, because it’s so easy to do.

I’m also opting to not promote this site anywhere. There’s too much bullshit here that I don’t want actively associated with my online stuff. Anybody that actually visits and wants to dig up emofaggotry, is probably a hardcore fan, and anybody important that’s working with me, already knows the shit. Plus, I’m not leaving any detailed shit for enemies to use against me.