Slave Boys of Mars: Cumslut Sissy Maids – textless edit.

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3.2.2018 — Sissy Cumslut Maids – Slave Boys of Mars

Only took three years to get here, that I can finally produce the gay trap porn I dreamed of back in 2014. We’ll make lots of homoerotic comics based on these characters!! 🙂

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Hey! New followers of the blog, you need to know this: Sextoy companies offer a one-time sales commission only. This issue caused my original business model to implode in 2016. I spent a year fixing the model, by including several sextoy companies, and digital services into the rotation.

From Nutaku, I receive lifetime commissions. Sign up for a free account, and buy diamonds, gems, whatever the premium currency in the game you’re playing. I get 20% of every purchase.

My business practically runs with Nutaku money. I can focus on making comics, reviews, and even games soon, when I don’t have to be pushing advertisements 247.

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Hot hentai game review: Crystal Maidens

Screenshot (102)

Written by Otaku Apologist

Crystal Maidens is a free hentai browser game, developed and published by Super Hippo Games on Nutaku’s gaming portal in late 2017. A real-time strategy game with great art, and gameplay, this title is a hallmark release in the history of the western hentai scene. Against all odds, we westerners finally got a game that’s not mediocre trite bullshit that panders to skilless scrub casuals in every aspect of its design. Yeah, a fucking actual hentai game that challenges your skills in resource management, team composition planning, while demanding a basic level of multitasking talent. What planet are we on?

This review is based on the desktop version of Crystal Maidens. The game has an Android phone version.

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25.1.2018 — Sinner shills

I’m getting back to the self-marketing rumble. I got my camera back, marketing deals are coming, most of my social medias are back online. Lots of work to be done, to get my fanbase back. We can do it!! 🙂

Kuroneko Gets Anal Fucked In Cat Keyhole Bra and Panty Set – Dialog edit.

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21.1.2018 — Videogames and Sissy Porn Moodswings Update

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I’ve been feeling really depressed lately, just playing games to beat out my murderous psychotic episodes where my emotions blank out, and I can only think of killing politicians. There’s too much shit I need to fix to improve our content quality and production schedule, it feels overwhelming at times. I’m also fixing my investment portfolio to include more cryptocurrencies.

I’m taking it slower than before. Under lots of stress, I become very unstable. I’ve been in denial about my problem, because I literally expected my moods to settle with rest. But nope, the wiring of my brain is fucked, so whatever.

The game that’s keeping my interest right now is Crystal Maidens. It’s a new battle harem game on Nutaku, that’s actually lots of fun. I’m writing a review of it soon for

I’m looking to hire another artist to draw gay traps with the healthy revenues we’re making. Such talent is difficult to find, but I will succeed. Above preview is for our first ever gay comic. It’s coming!

I am a depressed, oppressed, sexual minority faggot piece of shit. Give me money now, or I’m voting democrats.

20.1.2018 — Ranting away my raging headache


Dear public diary and my homosexual readers,

The world is insane. Every human being in it, is either borderline, or clinically insane. Save for a few individuals I’ve met, everyone is into murderous brainwashing ideologies. I ask myself, why? Why are you fuckers so batshit crazy? We cannot connect with one another, but on a superficial level that allows for exchange of utilities. Why can’t we do better?

The short moments I forget what’s happening in the world, I feel relief. These moments are rare, and often only when I sleep, or when a new project is completed, and our customers send a rush of support because they want more fucking porn.

The most disappointment I feel in myself. Despite so much intellect, self-awareness, and empathy, I am just as insane as everyone else. I struggle to stick to my commitments, I struggle to do rational decisions. I struggle to empathize with my fellow human beings, fighting the same life obstacles.

I just want sanity to win.

Jordan Peterson – Reconciling Science and Religion

Jordan Peterson is a name I learned from my brother. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve heard speak. Just listening to him, makes me feel like my soul is being reconstructed. It’s also scary, because how he describes western civilization, we are a step away from absolute destruction.

Hentai game review: Metropolis Lux Obscura

Written by Jin0uga, edited by Otaku Apologist

Metropolis Lux Obscura, developed and published by Kthulu Solutions. Available on Steam, and A visual novel in the style of “film noir”. A grim dark crime story, bustling with sexy whores, corrupt officials, crack heads, and other human scum. It’s a cynical artistic vision of life in a modern urban city.

Also, lots of dirty working class sex!

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