Onahole review: Ayatori Meshibe Tentacle Girl Onahole


Review written by Freaky Eddie, edited by Otaku Apologist.

So, you wanna fuck squids, eh? I got the toy for you! I’ve reviewed two onaholes before, so I think I know what I’m doing here. Today, we’re talking about a lewd little piece, an onahole that has tentacles in her pussy instead of boring vagina parts. The Ayatori Meshibe (Tentacle Girl Toy) is manufactured in Japan by Mate Goods Company. It was shipped in two and a half weeks from JLIST.



Mate Goods Company absolutely nails the packaging for the Ayatori Meshibe onahole. Right off the bat, front and center, we have a sexy woman spreading herself for us. She’s especially lewd with the BDSM style bondage around her nipples. Truly we have a horny squid girl on our hands. This slut proudly displays her insides for the world. Bumpy, moving tentacles line her insides, providing a pleasurable new experience. They don’t lie when they say “Tentacle Girl Toy”. The packaging for the box is a plastic case with shrink wrap around the cardboard. It was noticeable, the plastic bag the toy was wrapped in.

The toy comes with the usual sample packet of lotion, good for three rides at maximum. Any water-based lube is fine with this onahole.

The plastic sleeve was slightly opaque, and upon opening, I discovered a minuscule amount of some type of powder, possibly a residue from the manufacturing process. It was so mild, it disappeared after 30 seconds of holding it in my hand. There was no noticeable silicone scent, nor was there any powdery residue left on my dick after I used it.

Ayatori Meshibe


The Ayatori Meshibe onahole is definitely a departure from the norms of onahole design. Featuring pouty, protruding lips, its entrance is far more obvious. The shaft of the onahole has additional ridges, causing it to be held slightly differently. The material is not as porous nor is it the same “Virgin Skin” material found in the “I Love Oniichan onahole” or in the “Nakadashi Maid Uterus Sex onahole”. It is soft and pliable to the touch, a  smooth and pleasant feeling. You can, however, definitely tell the difference in texture. Personally, I enjoy this material slightly more than the “Virgin Skin” because the material isn’t a lint magnet. There is no smell, and I have not been able to cause it noticeable damage yet, aside from minor pockmarks on the back where the head of my penis hits. The residue from the packaging has completely disappeared after multiple uses, and I have found no noticeable side-effects from use. I masturbate a lot, and I’m happy I haven’t caused it any damage yet: There are no stretch marks or tears, not even slight pock-marks on the back of the hole where my head strikes. This hole is definitely durable.

Ayatpri Meshibe


The Ayatori Meshibe onahole feels great, let me say that first. The material is different, yet similar enough to feel good. The internal bumps of the tentacles are pleasurable, and the whole hole feels better than my hand, without a doubt. However, the design of this hole does set it apart, and slightly below the standards of others. The internal design of this hole is not to mimic the human vagina. Its walls are not meant to grasp and stretch around your member. This hole is not nearly as tight as the other two I reviewed.. I would say it’s slightly loose. This does not bother me personally because I prefer the odd texture and design of the tentacles, it is a welcome change. However, for some I know this can be a deal breaker. You want something that grips at your cock tightly, something that provides an overwhelming experience. While this will definitely feel good wrapped around you, most of the tension and grip will be coming from your hand.

Now, when they say “tentacle girl toy”, they weren’t fucking around. This hole does feel like a wet, lusty squid girl hungry for your cock. The walls and internal tentacle strings writhe and wiggle as you fuck it, desperately trying to milk you for all your meat is worth. It feels like a warm wet hole, with small, wiggling appendages inside. The feeling is borderline indescribable, and I worry my words won’t do it justice. Imagine fucking a slightly larger than usual hole, maybe you cut too much out of the watermelon, or you’re fucking the town bicycle. Then throw in bumps and little suckers on the inside, and small tentacles that like to wrap themselves around your member.

If I were to compare the Ayatori Meshibe onahole to the I Love Oniichan onahole, or even the Nakadeshi Maid Uterus hole, this would rank last due to tightness and material, but first due to internal texture and design. This hole doesn’t grip you as tight as the others do, and it certainly doesn’t have such an intense variety of detail. The walls and texturing for the “I Love Oniichan onahole” are detailed and offer decent variety inch by inch. The Ayatori Meshibe onahole doesn’t have that level of design when it comes town to each inch of the inner walls. It feels more like wide brush strokes, the entire internal texture being the same bumpy, sucker-like texture. However, with the inclusion of internal, practically free floating tentacles that move and grip your cock, bumps up the feeling rating. That subtle variety change really gives the onahole a different feeling, almost lending more to the “tentacle girl” theme. And it also explains why this hole isn’t as tight as the others; it needs that space to allow the tentacles to move around.



Cleaning this hole is more of a breeze than usual due to its looseness. The lips are more obvious, so from afar it is way easier to tell what you’re surreptitiously cleaning in the sink. Two seconds under an open faucet and this bitch is clean as a whistle. Flip it upside down and let the water out, pat dry with a towel.

The Ayatori Meshibe onahole is a great buy. It’s got new textures and an internal design that really is different. Decreased tightness for a more interesting internal design seems like a fair trade, don’t you think? All in all, a great toy that I enjoy using during fap time.

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Packaging 8 – Material 6 – Pleasure 9 – Cleaning: 9



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