How you make other people feel is your most important skill. Because I have always been a negative person, I know first-hand the contrasting results your emotional output will get. Insecurity invites bullying, low self-esteem invites abuse. Confidence leads to trust, positivity inspires.

Positivity is often associated with naivety. Reality is inhumanly dark, hence positive people can seem stupid to anyone with experience. But when you know the dark side of reality, and are still able to crack a smile, you are ascending it. Such individuals emanate an aura of power.

Because I am middle-class, I had no concept of poverty. I needed to experience it first hand, so I could master the mindset, and techniques, to overcome a shortage of resources. But my study led to a grim conclusion: very, very, very few human beings are able to overcome their history, their psychology, their cultural indoctrination, their lack of knowledge, on top of which you can suffer bad luck. My simulation already virtually ended last year, when I forgot to pay my taxes for 2016.

Despite my iron will, passion, and work ethic, the obstacles proved to be too many. My social class gave me the crucial leeway to survive. I must concede that life bears too many obstacles for most poor people to overcome, to become financially independent. My honest judgement is that you cannot be entrepreneurs, you cannot be free. You were born into bondage, and you will die in bondage, as cashiers, bus drivers, cleaners, burger flippers.

But. A man can be broken, but humanity is unstoppable. The few men whose companies survive their humble beginnings, be it by luck, or by privilege, grow stronger from the struggle. They pass down their experiences to others, and help them dodge pitfalls. I will pass down my experiences from this path. Whoever walks in my wake, can cut the time to the same learning.

I will inspire you to get busy, and take your financial future into your own hands, even if it’s the last thing I do.