25.6.2017 — “Nier Autofellatio”, inks cleaned!? OHMYGOD!!!

Nier Automata Hentai - Page 5 Complete Nier Automata Hentai - Page 6 Inking Complete (Ver. 2) Nier Automata Hentai - Page 7 WIP (Preview 2)

Deadphoenx delivered the inks today for pages 5-7 of “Nier Autofellatio”. Next is the final tweaks to the linework, and then coloring. Then… let’s just pray we can keep employing this guy for another 3 pages. I’d love for the art to remain consistent until the end, but when you use freelance artists, anything can happen, at any time. Cross your fingers.

I’m hunting for a background artist right now, to help us with our first 3D comic with Kia. After my vacation is over, I’m also hunting down another comic artist to replace Okurumegane, who is simply too busy with his dayjob to draw shit.

With the current level of support we receive from fans, I can keep a full staff of artists, and writers. It’s another matter how long it’ll take before I find reliable labor that work for the slave wages I pay them. Everyone is basically a no-name shitter, and I pay them acceptable sums all things considered, but not enough to make anyone a full-time employee. Until I’ve rebuilt my fanbase, that got nuked several times over thanks to Tumblr, we’re grinding the gutter. I don’t intend my business model to forever include hustling artists, but neither will I pay anyone a livable wage, until I have reliable workers whom I can trust to make efficient use of my funds. It’ll be a special privilege I reserve for very few deserving individuals.

Worst case scenario, if we never get “off the ground”, we build the most scumbaggish hentai manga business ever. We pay everyone jack shit, hide how much money we make, and build a pristine public image and brand. Then we rotate artists for whatever short time they stick around, and replace them immediately after they bail. That’s a legitimate way of doing it, I studied all year through 2016 how companies in this industry play; everybody is a slave driver sociopathic lying piece of shit. The wealth goes to the big boss, regardless of how much money the company makes, and the workers never ever get a pay increase. The bar for content quality is so low, that low budget garbage projects can easily compete in the market. You don’t need to pay anyone a better wage, because the workers have no competing companies to transfer to. There are no unions to protect their rights either, no legal contracts, nothing. The workers can’t complain, or they lose their connection, so none of the abuse becomes public knowledge. And where would they complain, when the fanbases for hentai are scattered in a patchwork of pocket communities? The companies can hustle without consequence.

If we have to, we’ll do this real fucking dirty. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m doing my best to find quality people, with whom I can forge a more mutually beneficial worker-employer contract. Regardless of what happens, I have real successful business models to copypaste and abuse. Get fucked.