23.8.2017 — The Dark Truth About Psychotic Homosexuals

cthulhu god of onaholes

Last year I asked my closest freelancers, whether I am a sociopath. I am obsessively driven to acquire money, power, and status. I have no social relationships that don’t contribute to my income. I give people clear roles based on their utility, barely waste time on chit chat unrelated to work. I have a short fuse, a violent temper when I don’t get what I want.

A couple people said “totally yes” to my question. Since then, I’ve grown even more emotionally blank. Much of the time, I can only observe how people respond to my actions, but don’t feel what they feel. For a salesman, that’s a major advantage.

Now, I remember vividly the time I was emotionally healthy. In my youth, I was very empathetic. I helped people with their troubles, I donated to charities. I gave my ear, and shoulder to anyone with a problem. I made friends of some very sad people, giving them all kinds of support. Because I cared. Those relationships lasted for many, many, many long years.

And the hell did I get for all that? A lifetime of pain, while they went forward in their lives. I sucked the poison from their wounds and they left me rotting in my grave. And when I fell down, did they come for me? Did anyone come for me? No.

It’s a widespread public misconcepetion, perpetuated by the media, that sociopaths are some kind of monsters. In reality, just like “gender is a spectrum” memesters can dress in a skirts and smoke cock, while still getting married to a slutty whorish bitch, most faggots are not “textbook psychos”, but simply “psychotic”, their demon heart various shades of black.

Human traits are not on, or off.

The liberal progressive movement has emphasized the plularity of humanity. If only they weren’t steeped in communism, they would not get mass-murdered in world war three. Liberalism is a nihilistic death cult that has gained a fanatic following. Retards breed like rabbits. If only they killed themselves too…

The beauty of free market capitalism, is that it gives incentives to monsters, to stay at home grinding money in horrowing loneliness. Psychotic bastards can pursue a high social standing in the society they loath, the standing that comes with financial success, which compensates for their suicidal self-hate. Instead of hunting, raping and cutting the throats of hookers, to satisfy an unquenchable bloodlust, you can channel your rage into empire building.

Think about it. In every position of power, in every company and government, the highest seats are occupied by the most vile, evil people. Their demonic drive for wealth and status, is often an attempt at filling a void, left in them by childhood abuse that raped their self-esteem. Sane people want to live happy lives, with people they love, wasting as few hours on work as they can. It’s the monsters without solid relationships that seek emotional nourishment from power.

Stop fucking yourself to my blog. Get rich or die.

23.8.2017 — Lewd Hentai Serval from Kemono Friends – flat colors

unnamed unnamed1

New piece of porn art coming to www.otakusexart.com! Serval from Kemono Friends,. I have ordered a futa, non-futa, and bukkake versions of this image. This bitch will be drenched in cum for your enjoyment, just like Felix was. As a lover of good bukkake, I’m always gonna commission these extra versions. They cost extra money too.

Support lewd Kemono Friends porn. Maybe we’ll make a lewd pornographic rape manga with ALL the friends?? 🙂

How The Media Manufactures Public Consent

The western media is a ruthless propaganda machine. The media is neither free, nor independent. Because of the relationships of power between news organizations, and corporations, the news business is inherently corrupt. I should know, I’m a supposed “games journalist” that makes money directly from the companies I’m supposed to criticize. But then again, fuck games journalism to hell. I can write more freely about world news, when I sacrifice my integrity in the field of games, because I make cash promoting cancerous game companies that rock buckets of money.

The bottom line is money, nobody gives a fuck.