Today I talked with Milkmaster, my first ever freelancer, how I felt during the fateful autumn of 2016, when my entire business was dissolving, like ice cream on a hot day.

I have changed into a very cold person from those events.

Everybody I trusted to have my back, disappeared. Everybody I was building my life upon, got into trouble. I experienced minor exploitation by a business associate, who leveraged my situation to their advantage. I experienced a cold backstab by someone I respected. I spent days and nights, rebuilding the business from a ruin, in a strange city, that doesn’t feel like home. Every day passed by, with me hovering in despair, at everything I had bled, cried, and sweated to build, crumbling.

I have not forgotten. I have not forgiven. I understand how the world works, and how people work. I am not a bitch for the whims of fate.

My revenge will be to build an enviable life of impact.