12.9.2017 — Super mysterious website traffic spike??

If you asked me, “what’s your key to success as a blogger?”, I’d slap my dick across your cheeks, and say “rather ask about the most frustrating part”.

Yesterday, there was a sudden spike in my traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what exactly I did, that caused it? I don’t fucking know. This process of guess-game reverse engineering, was how I gained success on Tumblr. I sunk the raw hours onto blogging, reverse engineering what I did, every time something caused a positive reaction (reblogs, new followers, sales). I tried to repeat the same conditions, to hopefully generate the same results. That’s how I got professional at online advertising without an education for it.

I currently have poor analytics tools helping me. Jetpack, which is my wordpress traffic tracker app, doesn’t even track clicks accurately, let alone sources of traffic. Jetpack only shows one visitor from Sinnercomics.com, which is the likeliest source of this flood. Sinner’s blog is about 10000% more popular than mine.

It’s also possible that the dialog edition of “Hello Neighbor”, our debut 3D comic, was posted into some popular website, and the uploader included a website link. If the traffic is as high tomorrow, I’m suspecting this is the case.

Another option is that my sneaky fans posted one of my rants, or my comics, to their friends in online forums, Skype, Discord, etc., and the content was so good, it caused a semi-viral flux of interest. I know for a fact that I’ve posted some dank shit recently. The hype is building.

Or perhaps it’s only one lonely person, that was so triggered by the memory of their daddy that died in 911, that they spent their entire day masturbating to my blog, jizzing in a plate, and licking that sleazy gay cum off his overflowing plate, like the nastiest fagwhore in the galaxy. Ew…

It could also be that Google made some crazy algorithm change, that somehow made my blog rank way higher in searches. It’s possible, not likely.

Yesterday I posted original Overwatch porn, “Hello Neighbor: Dialog Edition”, I ranted about stupid millenials, I added contact info to my Neko-nin ExHeart advertisement at Sinnercomics…

Guess we’re doing all that again in the future!


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