26.5.2017 — “Nier Autofellatio” 2B gloryhole parody progress

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Kugoromegane successfully sketched the four pages of our manga, “Nier Autofellatio”. Next is the lineart, then the colors, then the futa version. I’m very happy where this is going. Brainless gloryhole porn of 2B is right up my alley. I haven’t even played the games, and I masturbate to her tight ass.

I feel guilty, for foregoing my forté, which is storytelling. But managing multiple projects is too mentally taxing, to allow for complexity in any singular venture. I have to compromise somewhere, or else I’ll burn out again. I have far too much to lose at this point. There’s no more room for errors.

At the current pace, I expect Kugoromegane to complete this project in two weeks, maybe three. Let’s hope he is man enough, and executes.

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Please fuck yourself. -Otaku Apologist