28.3.2017 — This blog entry is devoted to Destiny


Art credit: Shadman

Destiny was a starcraft 2 streamer I followed for half a decade. One of the first professional twitchTV streamers, I learned many things watching him build his turbulent career. Sadly, despite significant success in cultivating a highly supportive fanbase, his self-marketing has been stagnating. He used to pull thousands of viewers, reaching 10 000+ on his best days. These days I see him barely pull 3000, and the games he plays, are retarded.

Through trials and tribulations, one bad marketing decision after another, including, but not limited to, cheating on his girlfriend with Mia Rose, the porn star, plus sharing nude photos of a fan girl in the Root gaming group chat, Destiny has been dying a slow internet celebrity death. His childish antics earned him much bad publicity, which his waning bad boy market positioning was not poised to exploit. It’s fucking dumb, especially after Idra quit Starcraft. All those fags were up for grabs. You let it slip, mom’s spaghetti.

The downfall of Destiny begun when he conceded his position on the word “nigger”. Smack talking inferior races was his white privilege, yet he gave up his racial powers, even letting the social justice princesses attack the Root gaming sponsors. Then, he stopped emo-raging like a retard, and finally, he no longer even called his fans autistic. That’s when I lost all respect for him.

Recently, Destiny was mind controlled by the social engineers of the illuminati. He’s been spouting social justice bullshit, sparking the ire of the white master race of the internet. He has clearly not read about the jewish billionaire George Soros, who literally engineered the cancerous movement to destabilize the American society, and destroy the world. Progressiveness was always a trojan horse, communism in a different package.

The Otaku Apologist went through his own trial by fire late 2016. He was being seduced by whiny communist niggerfaggots and their lies. Now, looking at how low his former idol Destiny has sunk, his own market positioning as an offensive potty-mouthed emo gaynazi blogger, is even more powerful.

This is to Destiny: you were what I was meant to become. I have now surpassed you in offensiveness and clickbait, and I am still saying nigger.

Kill yourself, you autistic shit eater. With love, Otaku Apologist.

teh little window button…

yo. i dunno if you’ve noticed, but you can see many rows of hentai pics, if you click that “window”-button next to the yellow RSS feed button. i dont have metrics to know how many people are using the mode, whether its intuitive enough. enjoy your fapping. -OA